Vented Tumble Dryer 7.0 kg T65170AV

AEG - Vented dryer - T65170AV

Take control of your time, with the delay start function

The delay start function enables you to pre-programme when each cycle should start – so you can take better control over the time available to you.

AEG - Vented dryer - T65170AV

Refreshment for your clothes – even woollens

The refresh programme can give worn-once, stored and naturally dried items – even woollens – that just-laundered feeling of freshness and softness.

AEG - Vented dryer - T65170AV

Evenly dried laundry with fewer creases

The drum of this tumble dryer rotates in both directions, loosening the clothes inside so that they dry more evenly and with fewer creases.

Tech specification

Key specification
  • Second Generation Energy Class: C
  • Condensation efficiency: vented
  • Weighted condensation efficiency: 0
  • Energy cupboard dry 1000: 4.25
  • Annual energy consumption, kWh: 510
  • Dryer Type: Vented
  • Drying Capacity (kg): 7.0
  • Drying capacity 8kg
  • Vented Tumble Dryer: The vented dyer expels warm air from the machine via a venting kit. It is essential that this air is vented outside, therefore the appliance must be situated near an outside wall. Vented dryers come with a venting kit consisting of a venting hose and connectors for the appliance and wall.
  • Delay start option: Delay start option ensures your laundry is ready exactly when required and helps to reduce creasing and musty odours.
  • Sensor dryer: Sensor drying gives you exceptional drying results and total control. Simply choose the required level of dryness on the rotary control, from 'iron dry' for slightly damp clothes to 'extra dry' for ready-to-wear results. The machine will then sense when the clothes are dried to the level specified.
  • Extra long anti-crease option: When the drying cycle is complete, the anti crease cycle will automatically begin. This option means the anti crease cycle can be extended to 90 minutes.
  • Bed linen programme
  • Cotton programmes: Includes cottons - cupboard dry, cottons - extra dry, and cottons - iron dry
  • Gentle on your clothes: The delicate programme is designed for mixed fabrics found in delicate clothes.
  • Synthetics programmes: Includes synthetics - cupboard dry, synthetics - extra dry, and synthetics - iron dry
  • Jeans programme: The jeans programme is ideal for drying thicker fabrics and clothes with thick seams such as jeans.
  • Condensation efficiency: vented
  • Weighted condensation efficiency: 0
  • Dryer Type: Vented
  • Drying Capacity (kg): 7.0
  • Drum volume: 108
  • Sound Power Level: 66
  • Motor System: Asynchronous
  • Motor System: Asynchronous
  • Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD): 850x600x600
  • Depth max, mm: 630
  • Required Fuse: 13
  • Door hinges: Right reversible by user
  • Second Generation Energy Class: C
  • Energy cupboard dry 1000: 4.25
  • Annual energy consumption, kWh: 510
  • Frequency: 50
  • PNC: 916 095 259
  • Cord Length: 1.6
  • Voltage: 230-240
  • Tank Capacity: 0
  • Conditioning: Bed linen, Easy iron plus, Freshen up, Jeans, Sport, Wool refresh
  • Cotton Program: Cupboard dry, Extra dry, Iron dry, Strong dry
  • Synthetics Program: Cupboard dry, Extra dry, Iron dry
  • Included accessories: Venting kit
  • Optional Accessories: Stacking kit
  • Program Description: English


Create extra space in your laundry room with this stacking kit with an inclusive sliding shelf. I...


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Good Design

by Lady_Blue on 24 January 2019

The AEG T65170AV tumble dryer seems to be well manufactured and it has a desirable stainless steel drum, rather than zinc-plated steel. Clothes are usually dried well, although a mixed load can produce variable results with some items coming out very dry, whilst other, heavier, items are still so wet they have to be put back in for another cycle. The tumble dryer is acceptably quiet. The 'Filter' light (which when lit indicates that the filter needs cleaning), seems to be over-sensitive. It lights up very quickly and long before there's very much fluff in the filter to clean out. The AEG vent hose is a problem, as it is manufactured with a non-standard (for the UK) right-hand threaded spiral. All available hose connectors/adaptors/etc. are manufactured for a left-hand threaded spiral. Consequently it is not possible to fit the AEG vent hose into my left-hand threaded wall vent adaptor. AEG's decision to supply a right-hand threaded vent hose has turned what should have been a quick and simple installation procedure into a problem that has yet to be resolved. It looks like a length of AEG's right-hand threaded vent hose will have to be spliced onto a length of standard left-hand threaded vent hose using an inline slip connector. Untidy!

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Shame about the Vent Hose!

by Raz on 06 January 2019

I'm in the UK. I reviewed this tumble dryer as a non-buyer on 9 November 2018, when I had refrained from purchasing one due to the lack of technical information available on the AEG website - specifically the physical positioning of the outlet vents and the space required behind the tumble dryer. Also, despite several attempts, I had persistently failed to get through by telephone to anyone at AEG Customer Services to discuss the design features. Having researched other manufacture's vented tumble dryers, I finally concluded that the choice of three vent outlet positions offered by the AEG T65170AV tumble dryer gave it the edge over the competition and the best chance of fitting into the limited space in my utility area. Inspired by a special offer price, I ordered an AEG T65170AV tumble dryer online just after Christmas. The AEG T65170AV tumble dryer appears to be very well made and it is reasonably quiet, especially when compared with my outgoing Creda tumble dryer that easily drowns out both conversation and the kitchen radio. Clothes are dried very well and the lady of the house is very impressed. However, there is one problem with the AEG design that may or may not affect the installation of the vent hose. For me it is a serious problem as I have a fitted wall vent into which the vent hose has to connect. My wall vent has a compact threaded adaptor that screws (anti-clockwise) onto a 4"/100mm vent hose. I've owned a lot of tumble dryers over the years and without exception the vent hoses have always been manufactured with a left-hand threaded spiral. Not so the AEG T65170AV tumble dryer! The AEG tumble dryer vent hose is manufactured with a right-hand threaded spiral. Consequently I cannot connect the AEG vent hose to my wall vent. I've searched online and I have visited all my local retailers of vent hose connectors. Without exception, everything is manufactured for left-hand threaded vent hoses. I cannot swap out the AEG right-hand threaded vent hose for a left-hand threaded vent hose because then I couldn't make the connection to the unique right-hand threaded AEG adaptor that clips into the tumble dryer vent. AEG's decision to supply a right-hand threaded vent hose has turned what should have been a quick and simple installation procedure into a problem that I have yet to resolve. It looks like I shall have to splice a length of left-hand threaded hose onto a length of AEG's right-hand threaded hose using an inline slip connector. Incidentally, for those interested, this tumble dryer does in fact have a desirable stainless steel drum. I'm surprised that AEG don't mention this as a selling point.

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