Condenser dryers

Effectively dry your clothes with a professional condenser tumble dryer. The advanced technology means, no matter your load size, your clothes will be cared for on every use. Discover a condenser dryer that will cleverly adapt to your wash. Minimise your time and energy whilst keeping your clothes in pristine condition.


  • 8L Load Capacity: The condenser dryer condenses moisture back into water and fills a large self-sealed water container that can be poured down the sink.
  • ProSense® Technology: Tumble dryers fine-tune cycles to ensure that they take the minimum time.
  • Cotton Programmes: Includes cottons - cupboard dry, cottons - extra dry, and cottons - iron dry.

Find the dryer that fits your everyday

In this section you will be able to find tips on what to consider when buying a tumble dryer and the explanation of our key technologies. It will help you make the right choice for better care of your clothes!