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AEG’s built-in 8000 washing machine fits seamlessly with other appliances, makes less noise and provides unrivalled care for clothing. ÖKOMix blends detergents and softener with water before they enter the drum. Guaranteeing that delicate fabrics are cared for and cleaned, even in shorter cycles.


AEG - Integrated washing machine - L8FC8432BI

Fibre protection with ÖKOMix Technology

With ÖKOMix, every trace of detergent and softener is mixed with water, dissolving and activating completely before it even enters the drum. It’s the first washing machine technology to distribute detergents and softeners completely evenly – making sure they reach, clean and care for every fibre.

AEG - Integrated washing machine - L8FC8432BI

59-minute clean with ÖKOPower Programme

ÖKOPower is the daily washing programme that gives you everything you need. Wash clothes in only 59min with great results and less energy consumption. It’s the ideal programme for daily use with no compromise on performance or sustainability.

AEG - Integrated washing machine - L8FC8432BI

ProSteam uses steam as a quick and easy way to refresh creased clothes so they’re ready to wear. The short, gentle programme safely removes odours and reduces creases in dry fabrics. Or you can finish your wash cycle with a gentle steam so clothes need little to no ironing.

AEG - Integrated washing machine - L8FC8432BI

Customised cycles with ProSense Technology®

ProSense Technology® automatically weighs each load to provide a tailored cycle. Sensors then adjust washing times precisely, ensuring optimum treatment for every garment. Your laundry comes out with that fresh, new feeling every time, plus you save water and energy.

AEG - Integrated washing machine - L8FC8432BI

A quiet machine for a comfortable home

The quiet washing machine ensures low noise levels when running a cycle. Minimising disruptions and maintaining a comfortable home.



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