Front loaded washing machines

Our front loaded washing machines offer a wide range of smart features and programmes that wash and care for your clothes. Ensuring that your garments look like new for longer.



Quality clothes are made to be worn, but everyday pieces need care to maintain their condition. Whether you wash one shirt or a full load, AEG washing machines will adjust the cycle accordingly, reducing wear and tear by taking the minimum amount of time, water and energy necessary for a thorough clean. Keeping clothes looking their best. Every wear, every wash.

  • ProSense technology®
  • SoftPlus
  • Eco Programmes
  • ProTex Gentle Drum
  • Inverter Motor

Maintaining your professional look day to day should be effortless. Our ProSteam® Technology means that your shirts look sharp for longer by enabling you to reduce creases by up to one third. Cutting down on dry-cleaning and ironing means less wear on fibres. Keeping your clothes looking and feeling impeccable, every day.

  • ProSteam Technology
  • ProSense technology®
  • SoftPlus
  • Eco Programmes
  • Energy-efficient ÖKOInverter

Imagine a washing machine that you can trust to keep your colours as vibrant and blacks as bold as the day you bought them. At last, there is no need to compromise performance for care. Because for the first time ever, you’ll achieve the thorough clean of a 60-degree wash at just 30 degrees. Maintaining the colour, shape and feel of every garment. Wash after wash. It’s more than a washing machine. It’s the guardian of your clothes.

  • Soft Water Technology
  • ÖKOMix Technology
  • ProSense Technology®
  • Steam Programme
  • ÖKOInverter motor
Front loader washing machine
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