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You're always in charge with the TimeSave button, which lets you adjust your washing cycles to suit your schedule. Achieve faster results and clean laundry in less time.


Faster washing with Quick Programmes

Quick Programmes adapt to your lifestyle – choose from a 60-min Wash, 30-min Wash or 14-min Refresh. A complete wash when needed, whether it’s a mid-week laundry dash or for last-minute plans.

AEG - Freestanding Washing Machine - LFX50744B

Thoroughly cleaned. With Anti-Allergy programme

The AntiAllergy Vapor 60ºC washing programme provides steam at the end of the cycle to give your clothes a hygienic and efficient clean. This helps reduce bacteria and allergens from your clothes and supports better laundry hygiene.

AEG - Freestanding Washing Machine - LFX50744B

Quicker washes with TimeSave

Adjust your wash cycle duration with the TimeSave button. Activate and reduce in steps, trimming the wash time to the minimum you need for fast results.

Less creases with EasyIron

The EasyIron programme leaves your clothes with fewer creases. During the gentle cycle, the drum alternates the direction of its rotation, allowing clothes to move more freely. So you spend less time standing over your ironing board.



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