AKIT 09 : Allergy & Animal Kit AKIT09


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For hair pick up

The upholstery tool helps pick up pet hair laying in the sofa, while the flexible crevice ensures you reach corners and narrow areas.

Take better control over the dust

For efficient cleaning, we have included a furniture brush and a mini turbo brush to control better the dust, and not only move it from one place to another, but get it sucked in to your vacuum cleaner.

Microfiber cloth

While the microfiber cloth, with its micro fibers, ensures that the dust picked up while cleaning, doesn’t fly as soon as you wipe the furniture, but instead, gets stuck within the fibers.

Making your cleaning experience pleasant

And to make your cleaning experience pleasant, we have included s-fresh sachets, so your home smells good while and after you clean.

Convenient storage box

These efficient tools come in a storage box, so we all together help the environment by having less waste, but also making sure you have a place to put your tools when you finish cleaning.

Tech specification

Key specification
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  • Product number (PNC): 900 168 141
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