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The connected Comfort 6000 Portable Air conditioner quietly and efficiently maintains your home temperature all year. Adjust settings via the new AEG App. The Window Kit is easy to install.


Install in minutes, optimise your settings remotely via AEG App

The connected Portable Air conditioner can be easily controlled remotely via our AEG App. Easy-to-install Window Kit maximises cooling performance.

Low energy consumption

Get superior energy efficiency and cooling performance with our portable air conditioner. Premium Window Kit¹ saves up to 28% more energy². ¹Premium Window Kit sold separately.

²Where room at 26°C and set T° at 20°C you will save up to 28% of energy to reach set T° when using the Premium Window kit compared to without. Internal test done in a 14m² room, with relative humidity at 60% and outdoor T° of 30°C, within 4h30min.

Low noise. Quiet comfort.

Delivers a powerful flow of cool, comfortable air at a low noise level of 64 dB(A)³.

³According to Noise test standard: EN 12102-2013

Superior cooling capacity

Superior cooling capability delivers the specified temperature faster. The Premium Window Kit¹ enables cooling a room in up to 60% less time². ¹Premium Window Kit sold separately.

² Where room T° is 26°C and set T° is 24°C, you will reach the set T° in 18 min when using the Premium window kit, compared to 22 min without the window kit. Internal test done in a 14m² room, with relative humidity level of 60% and outdoor T° of 30°C.

A more sustainable solution

A more sustainable solution: The refrigerant used is sustainable R290 gas, which reduces the portable air conditioner's global warming potential (GWP) by 99.8% when compared to portable air conditioners that use R410a.



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