Accessories for Well AX7 and AX5

Customise your AX7 and AX5 to best suit your needs

  • Tailored filtration for AEG Air purifiers
    Tailored Filtration

    Every home is different. ​That’s why we’ve developed a range of filters tailored to specific indoor air circumstances. Give your home the feel of natural air and enable the sense of wellbeing and comfort.

  • Decor kit for AEG Air purifiers
    Decor Kit

    Complement your choice of style with decor kit. Designed to complement your sense of style, each decor kit includes a premium fabric cover, a pair of wooden legs and a handle matched to make your purifier a design feature of your home.

  • Wall mounting set for AEG Air Purifiers
    Wall Mounting

    Wall mounted to save floor space​. Enjoy a cleaner home with our first range of multilevel air purifiers, designed to be placed on the floor or hanged on the wall to save space with wall mounting.

Stay connected and in control

Control and schedule specific tasks with the AEG Wellbeing app. Equipped with sensors for particles, the air purifier’s smart mode adjusts its cleaning speed based on the values it detects in your home.