Tumble Dryers

8000 Series

Our 8000 Series dryers have the greatest capacity in the AEG range, holding up to 9kg with ease

The 8000 Series dryer from AEG

The Wool Sweater Guardian

Dare to dry clothing you never thought you could with 8000 Series tumble dryers — even your softest wool sweater. Our Woolmark accredited tumble dryers come with our unique AbsoluteCare® System, a tailored program that precisely controls the movement and temperature of the drying drum. Delicate woollens with 'hand wash only' care labels are kept flat against the drum during rotations to replicate flat drying. Your sweaters retain their shape and texture, no shrinkage guaranteed.

Refresh and reinforce

Ready your outdoor wear for any challenge with AEG's AbsoluteCare® System. Tumble dryers often spell disaster for expensive, hi-tech fabrics, but our approach is different. The 8000 Series includes an innovative outdoor programme with precise time and fine temperature control to restore the water protection of the waterproof membrane on outdoor fabrics better than air drying — for functionality you can rely on.

A comparison image of a traditional dryer and the SensiDry technology. The SensiDry has a cooler and larger air flow to protect your clothes.
SensiDry® Technology

Protect textures and reduce wear, with safe and energy-saving low temperatures.

As good as new

Some tumble dryers can damage your clothes. But not ours. AEG 7000 Series dryers use energy efficient SensiDry® Technology to dry clothes gently at almost half the temperature of conventional dryers. Precise sensors monitor the drying cycle to ensure your clothes are never subjected to excess heat. This means your garments keep the textures they had the day you bought them, for longer.

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A closeup of the ProTex soft drum

Built in protection

Protecting clothes is more than just a feature for us. It's built into the design of our tumble dryers. The AEG 6000 Series comes with a ProTex soft drum whose distinctive pattern improves airflow to your clothes. This ensures they leave the dryer with reduced tangling and creases. It's your everyday quality preserver.

Our tumble dryer series

Find new confidence in tumble drying even your most delicate clothes with AEG's new laundry range. We've combined consumer insight and science to deliver an experience beyond cleaning. A revolutionary new way to care for clothes by protecting fibres, colours and textures.

A diagram showing the differences of the AEG series

A care level for every need

Icon for ProSense® Technology
Saving time, saving energy

ProSense® Technology in 6000 Series tumble dryers uses advanced humidity and temperature sensors to adjust drying times and energy consumption for every size of load.

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Safe, low temperature drying

The 7000 Series combines all the time and energy benefits of ProSense® Technology with SensiDry® Technology, an intuitive fabric drying programme using bespoke heat settings.

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Icon for AbsoluteCare® System
Immaculate preservation

The 8000 Series features all the technology of the 6000 and 7000 Series, plus our unique AbsoluteCare® System. Complete care, even for silk, wool and outdoor wear.

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A man wearing  a crisp and laundered shirt

The everyday quality preserver

Repeated washing and drying can damage fibres in the clothes that you love and wear every day. Our 6000 Series tumble dryers feature ProSense® Technology, which uses advanced humidity and temperature sensors to adjust the drying time and energy consumption for every size of load. This saves time and energy, ensuring your favourite outfits are never over-dried and retain their look and feel cycle after cycle.

The AEG stacking kit

Create extra space

Safely install your tumble dryer on top of the washing machine without any fixings and enjoy extra space in your laundry room with the stacking kit. It comes with a sliding shelf for easy loading, unloading and folding of your freshly washed and dried clothes.