120 cm Ceiling Hood with Hob2Hood DCK5281HG


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AEG - Ceiling Hood - DCK5281HG

Clean air with less energy

A strong motor with low-energy consumption means this hood is reliable and efficienty clears away kitchen odours.

AEG - Ceiling Hood - DCK5281HG

Dimmable LED for the right light

Task lighting when you're cooking, mood lighting when you're dining. This cooker hood features dimmable LED lights that adapt to align with your kitchen's lighting, allowing the decision of bright lights when cooking or ambient lightning up to you.

AEG - Ceiling Hood - DCK5281HG

The hands-free hood

This cooker hood has Hob2Hood, a useful feature that automatically controls your cooker hood and lights. Leave Hob2Hood to regulate the fan while you concentrate on the key moments involved in getting your dish just right. But if you’d rather adjust the fan speed yourself, there are manual controls on the cooker hood too.

Clean air. Designed to last

This filter captures and cleans away cooking smells incredibly efficiently to leave kitchens fresh. The longest-lasting disposable filter, it can be washed and reactivated to ensure it maintains its high odour-filtering performance.

Highest quality hood design

With its unique design and high quality finish, this premium cooker hood will enhance the look and performance of any modern kitchen. A seamless blend of form and functionality

Tech specification

Installation diagram
Key specification
  • Installation: Ceiling
  • Size: 120
  • Dimensions, HxWxD: 213-273x1200x700
  • Minimum distance from electric cooking top: 75
  • Minimum distance from gas cooking top: 75
  • Cord Length: 1.1
  • Voltage: 230-240
  • Electronic variable 3+Intensive speed push button control
  • Washable aluminium grease filters: The metal filter attracts the grease from cooking vapours, reducing odours, purifying the air and optimising performance. The filter is dishwasher safe and never needs replacing.
  • Extraction mode: A ducting kit is attached to the hood to extract the cooking vapours externally, giving a pleasant kitchen environment, which is free from cooking odours.
  • Maximum recirculation rate of 290 m³/h
  • 61 dB(A) noise level: This cooker hood has a maximum noise level of only 61 dB(A) to help maintain a more peaceful kitchen environment.
  • Recirculation or extraction options
  • Fluid dynamic efficiency class: A
  • Lighting efficiency class: A
  • Capacity minimum, m3/h: 355
  • Capacity, Max m³/h: 590
  • Capacity intensive, m3/h: 720
  • Installation: Ceiling
  • Dimensions, HxWxD: 213-273x1200x700
  • Minimum distance from electric cooking top: 75
  • Minimum distance from gas cooking top: 75
  • Required Fuse: No
  • Colour: White
  • Frequency: 50
  • Energy class: A+
  • Grease filter efficiency class: D
  • Sound power min speed, dB(A): 57
  • Sound power max speed, dB(A): 70
  • Sound power intensive, dB(A): 75
  • Recirc sound power min, dB(A): 50
  • Recirc sound power max, dB(A): 76
  • Recirculation min, m3/h: 345
  • Product number (PNC): 942 051 319
  • Size: 120
  • Cord Length: 1.1
  • Voltage: 230-240
  • Charcoal filter type: MCFB60
  • Other comments technical specifications: rectangular air outlet 217x90, 6 filters long life behinf grease filters, one superperforming isntallation external the hood.
  • Superperforming charcoal filter compatible: MCFB62, 902 980 207
  • No. of speed settings: 3+Intensive
  • Lamp type: Dimmable LED stripe
  • No. of lamps: 1
  • Grease filters: 6
  • Information for professionals about non-destructive disassembly according to Regulation EU 66/2014
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