Downdraft hood 90 cm Downdraft DDE5980G

AEG - Downdraft Hood - DDE5980G

Natural air, effortlessly and silently.

The sleekly designed AEG hood removes lingering odours quietly thanks to a super quiet breeze technology. So you can have a better environment in your kitchen effortlessly and silently.

AEG - Downdraft Hood - DDE5980G

Clean air. Faster.

This Cooker hood clears the kitchen from cooking fumes quickly. That is beacuse the advanced cooker hood has an effecient and powerful motor.

AEG - Downdraft Hood - DDE5980G

Clean air with less energy

A strong motor with low-energy consumption means this hood is reliable and efficienty clears away kitchen odours.

Flexible hood, easier installation

Enjoy the quick and effortless installation of your cooker hood by opting for a Turntable Motor – allowing for the outlet connection to be fixed to many possible positions. Leaving you to focus on what matters most: your cooking.

AEG - Downdraft Hood - DDE5980G

All cooking vapours removed – in silence

Thanks to innovative technology, this hood clears your kitchen of unwanted cooking vapours almost unnoticably. What's more, the cooker hood's virtually silent operation helps you create the perfect atmosphere in your home.

Tech specification

Installation diagram
Key specification
  • Installation: Downdraft
  • Size: 90
  • Dimensions, HxWxD: 0-407x880x95
  • Minimum distance from cooking top: 0
  • Minimum distance from cooking top: 5
  • Cord Length: 1.2
  • Voltage: 220-240
  • Washable aluminium grease filters: The metal filter attracts the grease from cooking vapours, reducing odours, purifying the air and optimising performance. The filter is dishwasher safe and never needs replacing.
  • Extraction mode: A ducting kit is attached to the hood to extract the cooking vapours externally, giving a pleasant kitchen environment, which is free from cooking odours.
  • Recirculation or extraction options
  • Downdraught for worktop-level extraction
  • Fluid dynamic efficiency class: A
  • Lighting efficiency class: A
  • Capacity minimum, m3/h: 160
  • Capacity, Max m³/h: 350
  • Capacity intensive, m3/h: 700
  • Installation: Downdraft
  • Dimensions, HxWxD: 0-407x880x95
  • Minimum distance from cooking top: 0
  • Minimum distance from cooking top: 5
  • Colour: Stainless steel
  • Frequency: 50-60
  • Energy class: A
  • Grease filter efficiency class: D
  • Sound power min speed, dB(A): 40
  • Sound power max speed, dB(A): 54
  • Sound power intensive, dB(A): 70
  • Recirc sound power min, dB(A): 44
  • Recirc sound power max, dB(A): 61
  • Recirculation min, m3/h: 150
  • Recirculation max, m3/h: 335
  • PNC: 942 492 959
  • Size: 90
  • Cord Length: 1.2
  • Voltage: 220-240
  • Charcoal filter type: MCFE38
  • Other comments technical specifications: SilenceTech model (max speed not higher then 54 dBa) TURNABLE MOTOR (360°) Anti-pinch safety: if an obstacle obstructs the closure of the Downdraft, the closure is stopped and the trolley goes up Original (Faber) filter model EFB1061 (PNC 902979734) replaced by MCFE38 (PNC 902980137)
  • Superperforming charcoal filter compatible: NO, NO
  • No. of speed settings: 3+2 Intensive, Breeze function, SilenceTech Range
  • Lamp type: LED stripe
  • No. of lamps: 1
  • Grease filters: 2
  • Information for professionals about non-destructive disassembly according to Regulation EU 66/2014


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Funkční designovka

by Petra on 22 February 2020

Krásná, minimalistická, nepřekáží a neruší interiér. Je výkonná a není tolik hlučná.

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Designová a funkční digestoř

by Gabriela on 18 November 2019

Je výkonná a vhodná i do domu s rekuperací, což byl pro nás jeden z hlavních požadavků. Její design a provedení si zamilujete už při prvním vaření. Stejně tak určitě to, že i když máte spojený obývák s kuchyní, tak necítíte zbytečně moc pachů. Nejvíc se hodí asi na kuchyňské ostrůvky, kde máte dostatek místa, ale u nás jsme to vyřešili tak, že máme část spodní linky 80 cm širokou (což jsem chtěla i tak). Díky tomu máme dost prostoru na velkou indukční desku i tuto digestoř. Při vaření se tak neboucháte do hlavy, když se díváte do hrnců, nebo mícháte!

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