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The ceramic cooking surface on the hob not only makes cleaning simple, but also helps you to achieve optimal results every time you cook.


A perfect fit for your pans

With three different sizes of heat zones to choose from, you are better able to use a heat zone that fits your pan perfectly.

An instant overview of where your hob is still hot

Thanks to the forward position of the residual-heat indicators on the hob, you have an instant, clear overview of all the areas on the hob that are still cooling down.


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GaryD 06 July 2020

Good ceramic hob

We wanted a ceramic hob, not induction, and one with knob controls, not touch controls. The rings heat up almost instantly and are very powerful. The only issue I have is that the markings on the knobs are very faint so it is difficult to see what number the knob is on, and also whether it has been turned off after use.

  • Design
  • Function
  • Quality
  • GaryD recommends This Product
  • Design
  • Function
  • Quality
  • GaryD recommends This Product

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