8000 Induction Extractor Hob 83 cm Duct Out

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Our most energy-efficient Extractor Hobs saving energy while delivering exceptional taste consistently

AEG EcoLine Induction Hobs with Integrated Extractor are selected based on having the highest energy rating.

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Frame TypeBevelled 4 Sides
Dimensions (mm) (WxD)830x515
Built-in Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD)212x780x490
Air Outlet (mm)220
Grease Filter TypeAluminium mesh
Number of Grease Filters2
Aperture Cut Out (mm)5
Energy RatingA+
Product Details
Get the Kitchen Design Freedom you need. This duo combines an induction hob with a powerful integrated extractor, so you don’t have to worry about a hob and separate hood. Now you can plan your kitchen layout with the freedom your creativity needs.
AEG - Extractor Hob - CDE84751FB
Get the Kitchen Design Freedom to plan your kitchen your way

This combination of an induction hob with a powerful integrated extractor gives you the Kitchen Design Freedom you need. Now you have more space for your versatile kitchen layout ideas.

AEG - Extractor Hob - CDE84751FB
Combine cooking zones for bigger pots and pans. Double Bridge

Got a large pot for a casserole? Using a plancha? Well with Double Bridge, you can combine two cooking zones on both sides of the hob to give uniform heat distribution to your large pots and pans.

AEG - Extractor Hob - CDE84751FB
After cooking, quietly clear the kitchen air with Breeze

After the cooking is done you want to be able to enjoy your meal and discreetly freshen the kitchen air. The Breeze function quietly clears the kitchen air, without disturbing the ambiance for you and your guest.

AEG - Extractor Hob - CDE84751FB
The Grease Filter is easy to remove and clean.

The Grease Filter helps to remove grease from your kitchen air. A Grease Filter is used when the appliance is installed in duct-out mode. The Grease Filter is easy to remove and can be washed in the dishwasher.

AEG - Extractor Hob - CDE84751FB
Automated extraction.

Auto mode extraction for during cooking. If you turn the temperature up or down on the hob, the extractor's fan will adjust itself accordingly. Meaning all your focus goes into your food.

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