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The 8000 TotalFlex Hob automatically detects pots and pans of various shapes and sizes, and creates a dedicated cooking zone for them. Offering you the freedom to move pots and pans almost anywhere on its responsive glass surface.


Use pots and pans of all shapes and sizes with TotalFlex

TotalFlex lets you cook with pots and pans of various shapes and sizes. You can also place, move, and arrange, pots and pans almost anywhere across the hob’s large responsive glass surface.

Cooking zones automatically illuminate. With ActiveTouch

With Active Touch, the corresponding slider control automatically lights up when a pan is set down on the hob. All you need to do is set your desired temperature. It's an intuitive way of cooking.

Hob2Hood®: The hands-free hood

The Hob2Hood® function connects the hob and the hood. The cooker hood automatically adjusts the fan speed based on the heat, without lifting a finger. For powerful extraction when searing. And quieter extraction when simmering.

Quicker heat for extra speed with PowerBoost

A blast of fast. No more waiting around for pots to boil. The PowerBoost function gives you an instant burst of heat. PowerBoost is perfect for tasks that require you to boil a large pot of water quickly.

Each cooking zone. Individually timed

Once a cooking zone is in use, its timer can be accessed quickly and conveniently via the touchscreen display. No toggling through menus or other zones. And because each dish can be precisely timed, absolute control over the cooking process is assured.



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