7000 CombiQuick Microwave and Oven

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Main ColourStainless Steel with antifingerprint coating
Energy RatingN/A
Built-in Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD)450x560x550
Functions (Main Oven)Bottom heat;Conventional cooking + Microwave;Conventional/Traditional cooking;Defrost + Microwave;Frozen foods;Grill + Microwave;Grilling;Microwave;Pizza setting;Reheat + Microwave;True fan cooking;True fan cooking + Microwave;Turbo grilling;Turbo grilling + Microwave
Total Electricity Loading (W)3000
Steam CategoryNo
Timer TypeElectronic display with clock, minute minder, cooking duration and delay start.
Product Details
A succulent roast chicken acheived in just up to 40% the time a conventional hot air oven would require. The CombiQuick oven cooks faster by combining hot air fan with the speed of a microwave. From now on, time is no longer an obstacle to taste.
Microwave-grill combination. Fast Cooking with a crisp finish

Combine the power of a grill and the efficiency of a microwave, with Fast Cooking. Melt mozzarella-topped toasties, or harden a crème brûlée's sugared lid, all in the microwave. Versatile cooking, mastered.

AEG - Compact Ovens - KMK565060X
Fast heat-up time, to get you cooking quickly

Superior and quick cooking results - this oven heats up fast, giving you more time to enjoy the meal with your family and friends.

Effortless control. EXPlore LED Display with Touch buttons

Explore a new way to experience your oven with the responsive EXPlore LED Display with touch buttons. The vibrant interface gives you quick access and dynamic control of cooking time, temperature, and other features.

AEG - Compact Ovens - KMK565060X
Cooked evenly everywhere

With this oven, using energy efficiently also means cooking efficiently. It has a new convection system called SurroundCook, which ensures hot air circulates evenly throughout the oven cavity. The result is that the oven heats up faster and cooking temperatures can be reduced by up to 20%, saving you both time and energy

AEG - Compact Ovens - KMK565060X
A quicker way to toast and crisp

This highly efficient grill takes less time than traditional ovens, and will toast, crisp or brown your dishes to precision.

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