AEG - Steam oven - BSE792320M

Restaurant-quality results at home

Professional chefs have long turned to 'sous vide' cooking to achieve perfect, consistent results. SousVide brings restaurant-quality technology into your own home, allowing you to create dishes that exceed your expectations.

AEG - Steam oven - BSE792320M

Perfect results with the Food Sensor

Thanks to the Food Sensor of this oven you can measure the core temperature from the center of your dish during the cooking process. So you get the perfect results everytime.

AEG - Steam oven - BSE792320M

Optimal cooking results with Humidity sensor

Experience absolute precision with the humidity sensor. Cooking is elevated as the sensor measures and adjusts the level of steam that has been set. Making it possible to serve tender meats and vegetables with sous-vide. Accurate measurements, perfect results.

AEG - Steam oven - BSE792320M

Gourmet greatness guaranteed, with a little professional help

Featuring a large LCD Display, this intuitive oven guarantees gourmet greatness every time using the recipe assist function. By automatically adjusting the temperature and time settings to a wide range of foods, it means you're in complete control of your cooking, whether it's supper for two or a dinner party with friends.

AEG - Steam oven - BSE792320M

A luxurious look and feel combined with premium performance

The Soft Closing Door technology built into the soft closing door ensures that the door always shuts softly and silently, to deliver both the look and feel of premium performance.


Most people only think of vegetables when considering a steam oven – yet they can do so much more. In fact, steam ovens have been a secret weapon in top restaurants for decades. The extra moisture in a steam oven improves flavour and texture while preserving crispness – turning every meal into a masterpiece. 

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Tech specification

Key specification
  • Cleaning: Steam
  • Cavity coating: Grey Enamel; Stainless steel fan cover
  • Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD): 594x595x567
  • Dimensions: 590x560x550
  • Total electricity loading, W: 3500
  • Voltage: 240
  • Required Fuse: 16
  • Electronic touch controls: Electronic touch controls for easy use
  • 70 litre oven capacity
  • Inclined FloodLight™ focuses 100% on the food : Specially positioned at the front of the oven and angled directly onto the food.
  • Isofront® Plus quadruple glazed door: Isofront® plus quadruple glazed door. Multi-layered glass panes, with heat reflective coating to keep the heat in the oven.
  • Fan controlled defrosting: Suitable for delicate items such as cream cakes, this light defrost circulates room temperature air around the food slowly, defrosting it hygienically in less than 1/2 the time!
  • LED digital display
  • Base heat finishing: Heat from the bottom element only. Perfect for reheating pies and pastries as it keeps the pastry crisp. It can also be used on warm plates.
  • Food probe: The electronic food probe takes the guesswork out of cooking. Once the selected internal temperature has been reached the oven will automatically switch off, ensuring perfect cooking results.
  • Child lock for added safety: Oven controls can be locked to prevent misuse, providing safety and peace of mind.
  • Cleaning: Steam
  • Temperature range: 30°C - 230°C
  • Maximum Microwave output (W): 0
  • Volume usable, l: 70
  • Largest Surface area: 1424
  • Noise: 53
  • Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD): 594x595x567
  • Dimensions: 590x560x550
  • Required Fuse: 16
  • Colour: Stainless Steel with antifingerprint coating
  • Total electricity loading, W: 3500
  • Frequency: 50
  • Energy class: A+
  • Energy consumption, conventional mode, kWh per cycle: 0.99
  • Energy consumption per EU standard cycle: 0


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Tastes Like nothing else

by Serge Aroyan on 14 January 2018

I actually sell these products, and happily i enjoy explaining customers about how perfect cooking in an AEG oven can be... not only they love to buy them from me but also they bring more people to make them discover about the items. Perfect choice specially SOUS VIDE !!!

Sleek & Solidly Built

by Julie218 on 05 October 2017

The oven looks sleek and is solidly built. It heats up in minutes and signals you with a beep to advise you the oven has reached the required temperature. Initially, I found the oven a little daunting, it was the first time I had used a steam oven and the user manual felt overwhelming. However, after a few test runs the oven is actually fairly easy to use and I would not be without it. There are many heating functions. I tend to use the true fan, pizza setting, full steam and the humidity cooking functions the most. We eat a lot of fish so the full steam function has been brilliant for our family. I simply place the fish on a tray, cover it with herbs or spices and put it into the oven to cook. The fish comes out so succulent and tasty. I also cook vegetables in the same way. The pizza’s we have cooked are crisper on the bottom than what they used to be in our old oven. The pizzas also seem to cook quicker so be careful not to burn them! The humidity setting is ingenious, it a combination setting of steam and heat. There are three different humidity settings, low, medium and high. I tend to use the low setting the most. I cook meat and casserole dishes on this setting and I have found that the meat is tender and juicy as you would expect in a slow cooker but the meat also gets brown and crispy. The first time I cooked a chicken, I was expecting an anaemic looking chicken but the skin was crispy and the meat was melt in your mouth. The true fan setting is what you would expect, similar to my old oven but more efficient probably owing to the newer model. I have also used the steam regenerating function a couple of times when I have plated up left over roast dinners. This function reheated the food without drying the food up and prevented and rubbery food as you sometimes get from a microwave. Lastly, the food sensor is great, I use it every time I cook joints of meat. It’s reassuring to be able to see the internal temperatures, especially when cooking chicken and ham joints. Overall, I would highly recommend the oven to anyone who likes and enjoys cooking good food.

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  • A luxurious look and feel combined with premium performance
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  • Cooked evenly everywhere
  • A luxurious look and feel combined with premium performance


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