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TwinTech® No Frost protects food quality. Advanced dual cooling systems, separate for fridge and freezer are superior to standard total no frost systems. The freezer is complete No Frost. Optimal fridge humidity protect ingredients from drying out. 60% less food mass loss, with TwinTech® No Frost.


TwinTech® No Frost. Keeps food from drying-up

TwinTech® No Frost fridge-freezer protects flavours in every ingredient. Superior to standard total No Frost, advanced technology combines two cooling systems for fridge and freezer. Freezer is No Frost. Fridge humidity is kept optimal resulting in 60% less food mass loss and ingredients kept juicy.

Every shelf evenly chilled. With DynamicAir

DynamicAir maintains a constant airflow to guarantee a stable temperature throughout the refrigerator. Every shelf evenly chilled to preventing warm zones. Prohibiting bacteria growth. Preserving fresh ingredients.

AEG - Integrated fridge freezer - SCE818E6NS

Electronic Dual Touch Control. Fine-tuned with a touch

Take complete command of every fridge function with Electronic Dual Touch Control. The panel and LED display offer effortless access to temperature and general settings. Fine-tune everything with precision for superior food storage.

AEG - Integrated fridge freezer - SCE818E6NS

Fridge space. Adapted seamlessly with FlexiShelf

Experience flexible fridge storage with the FlexiShelf. The front section slides seamlessly underneath the remaining segment to accommodate taller items.

LED lighting illuminates every corner

The internal LED lighting produces a discreet, soft light, shining evenly across the whole space. Plus, LED bulbs are smaller and more energy efficient than standard bulbs – a more sustainable choice.



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Wish I had not bought it

by Merrymaid on 29 July 2021

Bought this one to replace an AEG integrated fridge/freezer which had given me excellent service for 14 years. Ordered the replacement July last year but problems with supply meant I never received it. I was told in April that that fridge/freezer was no longer in production but that there was an updated version available. When that became available I ordered it (unseen none in the store yet). The new version cost an extra £240 !!!. Heaven knows why. Internally it does not look of good quality. Had I seen it before purchasing I would not have bought it . Installed it is noisy , the drawers are small and the top one difficult to access. The unit came with the temperature control set at -18. I put two small freezer thermometers in to check and both read under 5/6 degrees colder in two separate drawers. I now have it at -15 and the ice cream is still slightly too cold. There seems to be less height in this fridge than my last one which means less space between shelves so storage options are not as good. I appreciate the two separate temperature controls for fridge and freezer and the ease with which you can alter the temperature but little else. I waited a whole year for this.. I could not access the Terms and conditions page before I posted this review

  • Design
  • Function
  • Quality

Was this review helpful?

I am error text

Answer by AEG

Hello, I'm disappointed to read that the product doesn't meet some of your requirements with this particular model. From a noise perspective, if you feel there's a fault with the unit, please do get in contact with us to discuss it further. Freezer temperature should indeed be -18 and the best way to test the temperature is by using a thermometer in a glass of water in the middle of the appliance, this will give the most accurate reading. Regarding the height of the appliance, we do manufacture some particularly high fridge freezers, this includes an extra tall and super tall model with heights of 1884mm and 1894mm respectively.

Please do reach out to us if we can support you further.


Disappointing for the money

by gd1210 on 28 June 2021

Purchased during lockdown so had been unable to view in a shop prior to purchase. If I had seen it, I might have chosen a different fridge freezer.
The freezer drawers are made of a plastic that feels decidedly fragile and cheap and don't have a handle on each side for easy carrying if you choose to take the whole drawer out to search for something rather than rummage around with the door open. My previous cheap Beko purchased as a stop-gap was far superior in these respects - and also the drawers on the AEG are substantially smaller.
Once the appliance is built-in, the top freezer drawer barely pulls out far enough to get your hand into it.
Doesn't seem to remain as frost-free as the Beko did with ice crystals on the drawer fronts.

The fridge doesn't include a bottle rack which seems stingy in the extreme at this price point.

The salad/vegetable drawers are also very awkward as they have to be lifted slightly to pull them out - and the one nearer the hinge is almost impossible to pull out unless the other one is removed completely.

It is a struggle to store bottles as they always seem to align with something in the door which prevents the door closing; this is not aided by the air vent at the top rear of the appliance - something that also makes the Spinview accessory unusable on this level.

It would be a useful feature for the display to be able to show the actual temperature in each compartment rather than the target temperature.

I also consider the noise levels fairly high.

Overall I had expected better quality and design from AEG for this money - then again it's made in Italy so presume it's just a rebadged Zanussi with a few hundred £ extra on the price tag.

On the plus side, it seems to work well and I have no reason to believe it isn't maintaining the correct temperatures.

My overall opinion though is that it doesn't warrant the additional expense over a Beko, Blomberg or HiSense at half the price.

  • Design
  • Function
  • Quality

Was this review helpful?

I am error text

Answer by AEG

Hi gd1210,

Thank you for taking your time to provide us a review about your experience with the Fridge freezer. We would like to advise as per following information that may assist you with the product.
Ice crystals on the drawer fronts can occur due to different reasons and we would recommend to visit the following link to review the possible causes and resolutions to this matter.
As per salad drawers, it is important that the installation is correctly carried out to ensure that the drawers are not affected by the hinges.
Bottles can be tricky at times depending on its size. As such, the fridge provides different levels to adjust the shelves and ensure that the bottles are safely positioned. You may also take advantage of the Half Shelves for fridges, allowing you to have further space in the fridge for the bottles. Should you wish to explore this option, please visit our Webshop on or contact our Spare Parts team on 03445 610043.
The temperature inside of the appliance, can vary depending on how often the product is used, when was last time contents were stored and the amount of content within. If you wish to test the product's temperature, please visit the following link to view how to achieve the best results.
The appliance will emit different noises during normal operation please visit the following link to review this further
We are however, thankful for your feedback on the product and also glad to hear that the appliance is working despite your expectations.
Your feedback has been passed to our team for the better future of our products and consumer experience.
If you wish to share further comments or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on 03445 611 611 or email us via
Kindest Regards

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