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The pioneering ÖKOKombi with SensiDry® Technology tailors the system to different fabrics, whether silk, woolens or outdoor wear. Its heat pump technology controls temperatures and drum movements to ensure everything is evenly washed and dried. Every time.


Low temperatures for more efficiency and better economy

Our washer dryer, a world-first, features a unique heat pump in our pioneering SensiDry Technology®. ÖKOKombi harnesses an unsurpassed knowledge of fabric for the most effective and economical programmes. Translating into a saving of up to 40% energy and water in every cycle when compared to other machines.

Dual technology for sensitive care

Our DualSense Technology tailors the temperature and motion of the drum to different fabrics and adjusts programmes accordingly. Lower heat and controlled movement mean that everything from delicates to outdoor wear can be carefully washed and dried in one go. Both washing and drying cycles are certified by Woolmark Blue to safely clean even hand-wash only woollens in one process. For outdoor wear, a dedicated wash cycle cleans and protects technical fabrics to preserve their textures over time; and a dedicated dry cycle works to restore water repellency.

Adjusted cycles for absolute convenience

ProSense Technology® automatically adjusts washing and drying times to the size of the load. Enabling convenient and economical cycles – saving on time, energy and water – whether the load is small or big.


The NonStop 3h/3kg programme takes just three hours to wash and dry loads of up to 3kg. Meaning ready-to-wear results on-demand with one seamless dry-to-dry process. The most convenient way to care for clothes – without compromise.


ProSteam relaxes the fibres in your clothes to reduce wrinkles and avoid ironing. Ensuring they look and feel better for longer. The option to quickly refresh clothes without putting them through comprehensive cycles also means they stand the test of time with less exposure to temperature and motion.


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