Which? Large Kitchen Appliance Brand Of The Year 2023

At AEG, we pride ourselves on our quality appliances. 

That is why we are very proud to receive this award for brands that care for their customers, looking at value for money, durability and customer service. We were up against tough competition with other top brands shortlisted for the prestigious award.

Our first-ever win for this category comes after rigorous product testing, design assessments and customer satisfaction surveys. We were recognised for our consistently innovative and durable products and excellent customer service, which we take great pride in - We even got a special mention for sustainability.
On our special mention in the sustainability area, Anabel said: 'AEG has also made improvements in the sustainability of its products, earning itself several Which? Eco Buys in the past year'.
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Meet the innovative appliances that helped us win

At AEG, we continuously review our products to ensure the highest quality and value for money. Explore some of the large appliances that helped contribute to our Which? Award win. The keys to our success are our innovative ovens, hobs, washing machines, tumble dryers and fridge freezers, which are all built to last and use the latest technology for unbeatable results.


At the beginning of 2023, we launched our new Laundry Product Range, which includes washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers. With sleek, modern designs and updated care and connectivity features, our laundry solutions deliver perfect results with every wash.

The range also focuses on energy efficiency, using less water and energy to wash and dry. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and we’re proud to be recognised for this.


Our cooking appliances are enhanced with SteamPro technology for easy cooking and heating with maximum control. We continue to innovate in the kitchen with our Extractor Hobs, featuring all of our latest induction technology including child locks and multi-zone cooking whilst featuring a built-in extractor designed to give you total kitchen freedom.


In the cooling category, our fridge-freezers feature Greenzone technology, eliminating excess humidity while maintaining essential moisture for your produce. To further protect your favourite ingredients, our TwinTech dual cooling system

keeps food even more hydrated than traditional one-cooling system fridges, by not using dry freezer air and maintaining the ideal environment.

Read more about our Which? Award, or keep exploring the AEG blog for more product updates and practical tips.