Summer Promotion


Model No. Reward
L7FC8432BI £75
L8FC8432BI £100
L7WC8632BI £75
L6FBJ841P £75
L6FBG941CA £75
L7FEE865R £75
L7FEE945R £75
L7FEE945CA £75
L7FEC146R £75
L8FEC966CA £100
L9FEC966R £150
T7DBG840N £75
T7DEE845R £75
L7WBG851R £75
L7WEC166R £75
L7WEE965R £75
Model No. Reward
DCB331010M £75
DCE731110M £100
DCS431110M £100
DEB331010M £75
DEE431010B £75
DUB331110M £75
DUE731110M £100
Model No. Reward
BCS556020M £50
BEB355020B £50
BEB355020W £50
BES355010M £50
BPE742320M £100
BPE948730M £100
BPK948330B £150
BPS355020M £50
BPS555020M £75
BPS555020W £75
BPS556020M £75
BSE577221M £100
BSE774320M £100
BSE978330M £150
BSE998330M £150
BSK978330B £150
Model No. Reward
KME565000M £75
KME525800M £75
KME761000M £100
KME968000M £100
KMK968000B £100
Model No. Reward
KDE911424M £50
KDE912924M £50
Model No. Reward
KDE911423M £150
Model No. Reward
CCB6740ACB £75
CCB6740ACM £75
CIB6742MCB £100
Model No. Reward
HK624010FB £40
HK634060XB £40
HK614000CB £30
IKE64441FB £50
IKE84441FB £75
IAE64411FB £50
IAE84411FB £75
IKB64311FB £40
HGB64200SM £30
IKB64401FB £40
IKE64450FB £50
IKB84401FB £50
IAE84421FB £75
Model No. Reward
DPB3631S £25
DGB3850M £30
DTB3653M £40
DTB3953M £50
DTB3654M £40
DTB3954M £50
DKB5960HM £50
DKB5660HM £40
DBE5961HG £50
DPB3632S £30
DBE5661HG £75
DEB2631S £30
DBE5761HG £50
DBK6980HG £75
Model No. Reward
SCE818F6NS £75
SCE818E6NS £100
SCE818C5TC £150
RCB732E5MB £100
RCB736E5MB £100
RCB732E4MG £100
ABE682F1NF £50
RCB736E5MX £75
RKB738E5MX £100
SKE588F1AS £50
RCB732E5MX £100
ABB812E6NC £100

Participating Stores


Andrews Home Appliances Ltd
Bentalls Kingston
Built In Kitchen Appliances Ltd
CK Home Appliances
Frank B Craig
D B Domestic Appliances Limited
HBH Woolacott Ltd
J B Postle Son Ltd
Kevin Farish
Keymex Ltd
Marown TV Ltd
Molesey Refrigeration Centre
The Wash House Ltd
S&B Trade Services
B & R Services
Built-In Appliances Ltd
J B Postle & Son Ltd
Joe Graham & Sons Ltd
John Gillman & Sons (Electrical) Ltd
Keymex Ltd
P & S Domestics Ltd
Ruislip Appliances
Fenwick Ltd
Appliance World (North West) Ltd
Electrical Supplies (Anglesey) Ltd
Garland Electronics Limited
Guernsey Electricity
Jersey Electricity PLC
Nailsea Electrical Ltd
Pat Fraser
Appliance City
Wilkinson Electrical
Hylands Ltd 28390
Northern Vacuums Ltd 30665
White Mccarthy 30935
Appliance Direct MorcambeLtd 0801
Barlows Electrical  08060
Lunts Domestic Appliances 28339
MG Domestics 08290 Hyde
Refrigeration Norwest   28730
Refrigeration Norwest  28730
Albany Radio Enfield Ltd 03109
Broadway Music Vision 03182
Global Domes App ltd TA Glotech
Global DomestApp Ltd TA Glotech
Harris Electrical Ltd 03441
MA Wash Vac Services 03590
Stewart Young 03865
Fortuna Limited 20368
Purewell Electrical Co Ltd 20700
Bisset Steadman Ltd 26150
Andrews Home Appliances Ltd 23852
H Todd Son Ltd 16895
View Tec Services 29870
Whitakers of Shipley 30920
McEvoy Rowley 03638
Adams Jarrett Ltd 2
C J Hampshire
Herne Bay Domestics Ltd 10370
Raff Electrical Wallington 10727
Wellingtons Erith Ltd 10090
Atlantic Electronics
Barlows Electrical  (08060)
Barlows Electrical  (08060)
D B Domestics Appliances Ltd (22340)
Long Eaton Appliance Company Ltd 29569
Affordable & Stylish Ltd
Marks Electrical
Appliance World (North West) Ltd
Highland Appliance Services
H Todd Son Ltd 16895
H Todd Son Ltd 16895
Hanson Electrical  (16425)
Hylands Ltd  (28390)
Hylands Ltd  (28390)
Southpoint Electrical Ltd
Southpoint Electrical Ltd
Southpoint Electrical Ltd t/a Oxted Electrical
J&P Carter t/as Forresters 30350
C J  Hampshire
Hanson Electrical
Wellingtons Erith Ltd 10090
Marown TV Ltd t/a Marown Electricals  (28550)
C J  Hampshire
CW Strickland & Son Ltd
Martins of Hawkhurst Ltd
Harry Garlick
HBH Woolacotts
Peter Rhodes
RDO Kitchen Appliances
Sparkworld Limited
James Stewart & Son
Appliance People
Flintshire Appliances
Southpoint Electrical Ltd

Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully and if you have any queries, please contact your retailer or email or phone 0808 189 1287 (Freephone) for further explanation.

1. Customers who make a qualifying purchase between 08.06.22 and 05.07.22 (all dates inclusive) may claim cashback in accordance with these terms.
2. This offer is open to residents of the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man and is available to consumers only (i.e. it excludes trade and contract sales) subject at all times to product availability.
3. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, to be a qualifying purchase the purchase must:
a. be made from a participating Independent retailer (full list available at;
b. include 1 or more appliances from the selected range of AEG appliances identified at
c. be made between 08.06.22 and 05.07.22 (all dates inclusive).
4. Cashback amounts and eligible products can be found on the AEG website at
5. Claims relating to products not identified at or purchased before 08.06.22 and after 05.07.22 will not be accepted.
6. You will be asked to select payment via a bank transfer on Please note that there is no cash alternative to the promotion. Please allow 28 days for receipt of cashback via BACS.
7. To register your product and claim your AEG Reward, please visit our AEG promotions claims site at and follow the on-screen instructions. A Postal Claim form is available from the website under the banner “Printable Claim Forms”. If you have any queries please consult your retailer or contact AEG Promotions or phone 0808 189 1287 (Freephone).
8. Please note payment will be subject to compliance with the additional terms and conditions contained within You will be required to upload a proof of purchase to support any online claim, failure to do so, will mean that your claim will be rejected.
9. All online claims must be received by the Promoter by 23.59 on 02.08.22. No online claims can be submitted after this date. No postal claims will be accepted if received after this date.
10. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any postal claims that are incomplete, illegible, corrupted, lost, damaged, delayed or fail to reach AEG promotion, 360 Insights, 20 Timothy's Bridge Road, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 9BF, UK.
11. The Promoter reserves the right to investigate and undertake all such action, as is reasonable, to protect itself against fraudulent or invalid claims. The Promoter reserves the right to reject those claims, which it considers, in its absolute discretion, are or may be fraudulent or invalid.
12. If you have any queries on your application or if your cashback does not arrive please email or phone 0808 189 1287 (Freephone).
13. The Promoter is Electrolux PLC, Addington Way, Luton, Bedfordshire LU4 9QQ.