Small Kitchen Appliances

The Tabletop Blender makes a banana, kiwi and spinach smoothie

A portfolio of textures

You can expand your repertoire for textures and tastes with our Tabletop Blender. Craft thick, creamy dips, roughly chopped vegetables or silky smoothies, all with the touch of a button. Try creating a chunky, full-bodied marinade for meat or fish – and transform your everyday dishes. 

A strawberry daiquiri cocktail alongside a pile of strawberries and a bowl of ice
A heat map image showing the AEG Tabletop Blender staying cooler than other blenders

Freshness locked in

High-speed blenders heat food up as they blend, cooking the raw ingredients and removing valuable nutrients – not to mention damaging the taste. The Gourmet Pro Tabletop Blender is designed with a gentler motor that pulses food without heating it, so all of the delicious goodness is preserved. 

A close-up of the Immersion Blender's control panel

Unleash your artistic side

Our Immersion Blender help you express your creative flair - whether you're finessing your signature sauce, trying out a bake idea or simply experimenting with new ingredients in your morning smoothie. Handheld blenders are sublimely versatile, perfect for trying out new flavour combinations and textures. Let your palate guide you. 

The Immersion Blender with an iced chocolate cake
Tomatoes, lime, chilli and garlic on a chopping board
The Immersion Blender being used to make mayonnaise

The finishing touch

Garnishes and sauces finesse your dish – they add that flash of brilliance that makes food outstanding. Our Immersion Blender is a great at creating salsas, pestos and dips in an instant. You can chop and combine ingredients without ever removing them from your cookware. 

Hummus dip with pita bread

Discover enchanting tastes

It's easy to create delicious meals with The Gourmet Pro Collection. Try crafting your own pita bread. First, blitz white rice in the blender until it's transformed into a fine powder. Then, transfer to a pan of boiling water, before putting the mixture back into the blender and kneading into a soft dough. Finally, bake until it's crisp and golden. While it's baking, whizz chickpeas, olive oil and lemon juice in the blender – fresh hummus to dip. 

A close-up of the Food Processor's blades

Tilted design for impressive performance

Our Food Processor's PowerTilt® technology means quicker mixing and smoother results. By tilting the ingredients forward, they fall into the blades more easily – instead of just spinning around and around at the top of the jug. Details that matter. Design that works.

Make blueberry and raspberry sorbet with the Gourmet Pro Food Processor
Piles of folded pancakes drizzled in chocolate sauce and topped with berries
A Food Processor alongside freshly baked pizzas

Bring desserts to life

Add some sparkle to your dessert menu with our Food Processor. You can use it to knead dough for fluffy cakes and pastries, or combine ingredients for your favourite pancake recipe. Don't forget the finishing touch – slowly blend melted chocolate, sugar and double cream for a tempting sauce to drizzle. Divine.