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With its strong and reliable performance, the 5000 Extractor hood will efficiently clean the air in your kitchen from odours. Experience a refreshing cooking experience – every time.


Clean air. Faster.

This Cooker hood clears the kitchen from cooking fumes quickly. That is beacuse the advanced cooker hood has an effecient and powerful motor.

LEDlights for more refined cooking

Our LEDlights use far less energy than other lights, with a much longer life expectancy. And they provide expert illumination for greater detail while cooking.

The Grease Filter. Design and discretion combined

The efficient Grease Filter functions at a high level while being discreetly hidden behind a sleek, stainless steel cover. Both the filter and cover are fully washable, which helps to maintain their performance.

AEG - Integrated Hood - DGB3850M

One Touch. Complete Control

The full range of hood functions are consolidated into a single electronic control. Meaning settings can be monitored and adjusted with just one touch. Precisely and intuitively.


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