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The 9000 AutoSense Hood, with advanced sensor technology, intuitively detects steam, grease and odours and automatically adjusts the fan power to clean the air. Cook with family and friends in a fresh kitchen with lower noise.
*based on internal tests comparing standard Built-in LEAN with asynchronous motor hood without AutoSense using Manual model Vs AutoSense 9000 Hood with brushless motor with AutoSense ON. This may vary based on the personal usage of the cooker hood.


Automatically fresh and clean air with AutoSense

The AutoSense innovative sensor intuitively detects steam, grease and odours and automatically adjusts the fan power to quickly clean the air. Cook in a fresh kitchen and enjoy delicious meals together with family and friends.

Perfect Illumination – discover the magical colours of every dish

Customise kitchen experience with Perfect Illumination. Enhance your cooktop clarity with the hood light designed for cooking, or create your perfect kitchen atmosphere with adjustable warm to cool light.

*Unlock the magical colours of every ingredient with Perfect Illumination technology. The adjustable lighting provides clarity over your cooktop and allows you to personalise your kitchen lighting to reflect your mood or time of day.

SilenceTech. Maximum performance, minimum noise*

SilenceTech creates a peaceful kitchen environment where you can enjoy fresh air while cooking. The innovative technology effectively cleans your kitchen air from unwanted odours, while keeping the noise levels to a minimum.

Natural air, effortlessly and silently with the Breeze function​

The Breeze function refreshes your kitchen air after cooking while quietly extracting lingering kitchen odours. Eat, relax and entertain in an enjoyable kitchen atmosphere, effortlessly and silently.

Filter cleaning notification system

The hood has a convenient filter cleaning notification system. An indicator on the hood alerts you when the grease filter and carbon filter need cleaning – there’s no need to keep track of it yourself.


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