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There are more exciting things to do than watching water boil. The 7000 SenseBoil® Induction Hob detects rising bubbles and automatically reduces to a low simmer. So the focus can be fine-tuning those flavours and mastering that menu.


AEG - Induction hob - IAE64411FB

Boiling water, under control with the Boil Sensor

The Boil Sensor detects rising bubbles and automatically adjusts the temperature settings, reducing it to a controlled simmer. No more montioring. Saving both time and energy.

AEG - Induction hob - IAE64411FB

Hob2Hood®: The hands-free hood

The Hob2Hood® function connects the hob and the hood. The cooker hood automatically adjusts the fan speed based on the heat, without lifting a finger. For powerful extraction when searing. And quieter extraction when simmering.

AEG - Induction hob - IAE64411FB

Quicker heat for extra speed with PowerBoost

A blast of fast. No more waiting around for pots to boil. The PowerBoost function gives you an instant burst of heat. PowerBoost is perfect for tasks that require you to boil a large pot of water quickly.

AEG - Induction hob - IAE64411FB

Hob timer. Built for precision

The built in hob timer can be set up to one hour, and will automatically power the hob down when it elapses. For effortlessly precise results.


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