• Technology No Frost
  • Energy Class A+
  • Dimensions, mm 1782x913x746
  • Ultrafresh+® Ultrafresh+®
  • CustomFlex® CustomFlex®
  • TouchControl® TouchControl®

Tech specification

Key specification
  • Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD): 1782x913x746
  • Dimensions: Not applicable
  • Dimensions SBS: xx
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Door hinges: Right & Left
  • Min. ambient temp, C: 10
  • Cord Length: 2.5
  • LCD touch display
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Precision temperature control: Ensures precise control of the internal temperature, regardless of external temperature.
  • Coolmatic: Quickly chills fresh foods, preserving flavour, colour and nutritional value. Ideal when large quantities of fresh food are placed into the fridge, great for part food and drinks. The Coolmatic function switches itself off automatically after a set period and the refrigerator compartment returns to the pre-set temperature.
  • Visual and acoustic high temperature alarm
  • Visible external door open indicator with audible warning alarm : Useful indicators that let you know if you've left the door open
  • 413 litres gross fridge capacity
  • 363 litres net fridge capacity
  • 1 Full Width + 1Flexi shelf glass shelves
  • 2 Half Width salad drawers with glass lid
  • Rising time, h: 14
  • Freezing capacity, kg/24h: 10
  • Noise level, dB(A): 42
  • Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD): 1782x913x746
  • Dimensions: Not applicable
  • Dimensions SBS: xx
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Door hinges: Right & Left
  • Height (mm): 1782
  • Depth (mm): 746
  • Width (mm): 913
  • Colour: Silver + Stainless Steel Door with Antifingerprint
  • Wheels/feet: Adjustable feet, Fixed rollers
  • Frequency: 50
  • Energy efficiency (2010/30/EC): A+
  • Annual energy consumption, kWh: 448
  • Climate Class (2010/30/EC): SN-N-ST-T
  • Product number (PNC): 925 060 625
  • Min. ambient temp, C: 10
  • Cord Length: 2.5
  • Voltage: 220-240
  • Gross volume Fridge/Freezer: 413/268
  • Net Volume Capacity: 363/178
  • Number of thermostats: 3
  • Lamps, refrigerator: Internal LED on side and celing
  • Lamps, freezer: Internal. LED
  • Number of drawers: 1 Maxi Drawer with divider + 1 Slide Drawer
  • Flaps: No
  • Equipment Zero: None

Frost Free Freestanding Fridge Freezer 178.2 cm A+ RMB954F9VX


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Always in control. With the My AEG Kitchen app

Manage your fridge from your phone with the My AEG Kitchen App. Get full visibility into your fridge's performance. From receiving notifications if the door is open, to getting maintenance tips to keep your fridge performing at its peak.

The compartment that can chill or freeze. With MultiSwitch

The MultiSwitch Fridge has a convertible compartment where you can independently set the temperature from -18 °C to 7 °C. so it has the flexibility to preserve items in ideal conditions and is also controllable from your smartphone.

TwinTech® No Frost. Keeps food from drying-up

TwinTech® No Frost fridge-freezer protects flavours in every ingredient. Superior to standard total No Frost, advanced technology combines two cooling systems for fridge and freezer. Freezer is No Frost. Fridge humidity is kept optimal resulting in 60% less food mass loss and ingredients kept juicy.

Advanced nutrient preservation. With UltraFresh+

Preserve nutrients and colour of fresh produce with UltraFresh+. The sealed crisper drawer with active membrane maintains optimal humidity, removing all excess condensation. A special filter prevents early oxidation. The vibrant coloured vegetables are kept 40% better. For greens full of nutrients.

AEG - Freestanding fridge freezer - RMB954F9VX

Stable temperatures, with MultiFlow

MultiFlow protects the quality of food by maintaining stable temperature and humidity in the whole fridge. Multiple air channels enable an active circulation of cold air reaching every corner.


The SousVide technique maximises all the flavours to their fullest. Just vacuum seal your chosen...

A complete kit to provide the care and maintenance your fridge deserves. Keeps your fridge like ...

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