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The 8000 PowerCare Washer Dryer uses pre-mixing technology to activate detergent power, providing superior washing results even at 30°C, and in less than 1 hour. Items are dried but not overdried, helping to retain their look and feel.



PowerClean utilises our pre-mixing technology to ensure that detergent is evenly distributed on your items, which provides proven complete stain removal in under 1 hour.* It also adjusts the drying time according to the load size. Delivering ideal laundry results.

*External test of PowerClean 59 min 30°C programme with 5 kg load shows 100 % stain removal of 59 most common household stains.

Specialcare wash-to-dry. customised care even for wool and delicates

SpecialCare Wash-to-Dry adapts to each fabric type for gentle yet effective cleaning. This Woolmark Blue certified machine, washes and dries everyday items, delicates, and wool. It also restores the water protection of your outdoor garments.

The universaldose drawer activates pods® 60% faster – giving extra power to quick and cold washes*

UniversalDose is a unique drawer designed for PODS® capsules that uses tailored waterjets to soften, pierce and fully dissolve PODS® in the drawer, activating them 60% faster, compared to when placed in the drum. This gives extra power to stain removal in cold and quick 1-hour washes.*

*Internal test using a cotton 30°C one-hour programme, comparing PODS® in the UniversalDose drawer vs. PODS® in the drum

AEG Connected: Next level appliance interactivity

Use The AEG App to create your own settings and get smart tips and suggestions. Send customised laundry cycles and instructions to your appliance based on your individual preferences. Enjoy smart, efficient care via your smart phone.


Steam Refresh neutralises odours* and reduces wrinkles on garments, including delicates, in just 25 minutes, all without washing. And if you would like an extra boost of freshness, just add our aromatic steam fragrance, for that just washed freshness.

* External test show neutralisation of cigarette smoke odour in a Steam Refresh cycle.


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