Brainteaser: where do our odd socks really go in the wash?

All socks (but one) have been paired in the brainteaser on the left.

Can you find the odd sock placed alone without its matching pair?

Socks are great at hiding, and this one is nestled carefully amongst the dirty clothing and laundry baskets above.

To make things even harder, there is a whole load of things ready to go into the washing machine in this load.

The record stands at 35 seconds but some people have taken up to 3 minutes to solve it!

Scroll down where you’ll discover the answer circled below…

Top tips to keep your socks together in the wash

Here are our top tips to keep your socks together in the wash:

  • Ensure you only wash socks as a pair- sorting our darks from our lights and colours could mean that one sock makes its way into the wash and another stays in the laundry bin. Before you put any socks in the wash ensure that there are definitely two going into the washing machine drum.
  • Use laundry bags- laundry bags can allow you chuck (and keep together) various things in the wash without worrying that you’re doing damage! Stick dirty socks in a laundry bag as soon as you take them off and you’ll be sure that they’ll all come in pairs at the other end of the wash.
  • Clip them together- you can use safety pins, hairbands, or even food ties to clip your socks together ahead of them going in the washing machine. It’s a good idea to hang them next to one another on the line or airer once they’re out the wash too so you know exactly how many pairs you have – and how many you might be missing.
  • Go odd! If all else fails, why not just wear odd socks, no one can see your feet when you’re working from home!

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