Preloved with Care

Did you know, each second a rubbish truck full of clothes is either buried or burnt in landfill? Each second. Of which as much as 95% could either be re-worn or re-used.

Caring for your environment will never go out of fashion. And this is where we believe we can make a difference.

At AEG, we are on a mission to help change fashions throwaway culture. By taking better care of our clothes and extending their lifecycle, we can reduce our impact on the environment and add new chapters to our stories in the clothes we love. Which is why we’ve partnered with pre-loved retailer One Scoop Store and slow fashion campaigner Venetia La Manna to curate a collection of 30 staple pieces to update your wardrobe this winter. Not only are they pre-owned, cutting out the use of the thousands of litres of water that’s required to make a brand-new garment, but they’ve also been washed with care in an AEG 9000 series washing machine before being shipped to their new home. 

This winter turn your fashion statement into a climate statement and join us to support pre-loved fashion, so that we can create a more sustainable future, together.

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SoftWater Technology Keeps your colours as vibrant as the day you bought them. Get the thorough clean of a 60°C wash at 30°C maintaining the colour, and feel of your garments. Wash after wash. It’s more than a washing machine. It’s the guardian of your clothes.

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About One Scoop Store

One Scoop Store was founded in 2017 by Holly Watkins. With 15 years’ experience working in the fashion industry, Holly decided it was time to spread the word about second-hand clothing, and so began the One Scoop Instagram.

Having bought and sold pre-loved pieces since her school days (it all started with a 20p sheepskin coat in 1995!) Holly has really seen attitudes change, and believes more than ever that second-hand is the most sustainable, and the most enjoyable, way to shop.

Her aim is to offer a beautifully curated range of beautiful, wearable pieces which appeals to all budgets, and makes shopping second-hand both easy and pleasurable. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce textile landfill, reuse and recycle by giving clothes new homes piece by piece.


There are plenty of ways to care more and even more reasons to, from preserving memories, to protecting the environment.
It only takes small changes to reduce your climate impact without extra effort, so challenge your laundry habits and make them more sustainable in just five simple steps:

Lower the temperature

By washing clothes at 30°C instead of 40°C, you will extend the life of your garments and is also better for your electricity bill, saving up to 60% of your energy consumption.

Save water and refresh with steam

Use steam to freshen up clothes that do not require a long wash cycle. By steaming instead of washing you can save on water, and care for your wardrobe while caring for the environment. 

Choose the right detergent and fabric softener

Use a liquid detergent to keep your brights looking brighter for longer and fabric softener as it increases the strength of the clothing fibres, making them last longer.

Get your dosage right

Remember to dose the detergent correctly based on the water hardness and size of the load. Overdosing speeds up damage to fibres and underdosing can leave laundry looking dull.

Wash Less

Very few garments need to be washed after every wear. Wait until you can fill your machine as fuller, fewer loads will save you energy and water.


Clothes have a huge environmental impact, but we can help if we learn how to change our habits. Venetia La Manna shares her top tips on how to help start your journey towards a more sustainable wardrobe:

You Can’t Buy Your Way to Sustainability

Always think to yourself; Can I mend something? Can I swap something with a friend? Can I rent something? Only give a home to pieces that you absolutely adore and that make your heart sing!

Work with What You Have

Sustainable fashion and slow fashion starts with making the most of what you have, so it’s time to fall in love with your existing wardrobe! Re-organise your wardrobe regularly so you can see what you have and how you can create new outfits with different pieces.

Read the Labels

Not only is this a really great way to learn what your clothes are made from and who makes them, it is also an important lesson on how to wash our clothes properly. And if we want to make the look and feel of our clothes last longer, it’s important to wash them correctly and carefully.

Educate Yourself

Being informed is the key to feeling equipped to make good decisions. Support the work of campaigns like Labour Behind the Label and Clean Clothes Campaign to stay in the know about ways to support garment makers.

Find Joy

There’s so much joy to be found in the slow fashion community, and there is so much inspiration to be found on social media! Search hashtags like #oootd and #SlowFashion and follow accounts like @Fash_Rev, @RememberWhoMadeThem and @RemakeOurWorld.