Steam ovens

Food cooked with AEG Steam Ovens

The science behind better baking

Good baking is an art. Great baking is a science. To create a masterpiece, adding steam is as important as each stroke of your pastry brush. This is because water molecules conduct heat faster than hot air, so cook more thoroughly. With just a touch of a button, our SteamBake oven adds a perfect amount of steam to your baking in three simple steps. This leads to bigger, quicker rises and caramelisation for thicker crusts.

Three steps to better baking with SteamBake

Pouring water into the Multifunction PlusSteam steam oven
Step 1

Pour 100ml of water into the cavity at the bottom of the oven.

The steam button on the Multifunction PlusSteam steam oven
Step 2

Select the SteamBake programme and press the Steam button.

Baking in the Multifunction PlusSteam steam oven
Step 3

Let the oven preheat for 5 minutes and then enjoy your delicious bake.

Add steam to your salmon

Spare your salmon the poaching pot, choose steam. When you cook salmon in a SteamBoost oven, the gentle cooking keeps it beautifully tender and prevents it from drying out. The results are instantly noticeable. Steam helps preserve your food's natural colour. With that fresh shade of orange it looks as good as it tastes.

Why cook sous vide? 

In our SteamPro® ovens with sous vide, you can achieve results that are impossible in a normal oven. Vacuum sealed bags slow oxidation, preserving flavour. Temperature is maintained within a half-degree range. This precision gives you mouthwatering flavour and results you can recreate time after time. Sous vide may be an advanced technique, but AEG makes it easy.

Master the methods 

Low-temperature cooking is your secret weapon when creating mouth-watering dishes. Top chef and Tasteology expert Catalina Vélez explains that when you cook at a low temperature, steam and heat combine to slow cook your ingredients. This ensures your food preserves delicious flavour, important moisture and nutritional goodness. So you can enjoy dishes that melt in your mouth.  

Steam cooking recipes

Steam is simple to use and a secret weapon in the kitchen. These recipes will produce impressive dishes that delight with new dimensions of flavour and texture. Steam the perfect spring rolls or let that soft centre chocolate fondant rise to a new level. Discover the possibilities of steam.

More benefits of steam ovens


SteamPro ovens have everything you need for consistently delicious meals. The humidity sensor controls the exact humidity levels during cooking. And heat is always evenly distributed thanks to our ThermiC° airflow system. So whether cooking with heat or steam, you'll always enjoy amazing food.

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Our ovens make cooking simple. And when you're finished cooking, they make cleaning simple too. The cleaning programmes help remove tough food residue. And pyrolytic cleaning burns up any food residue to a fine ash that is effortless to wipe away. So you can concentrate on creating great dishes without worrying about how to clean up afterwards. 


Perfecting flaky pastries and rustic loaves is easy with the best steam oven accessories. The MaxiKlasse Bakery Tray, with a perforated base, ensures even heat distribution. And the large, anti-stick surface is perfect for baked goods of any size. So you can enjoy golden, crispy baguettes with a professional finish.  

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