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Vacuum engineered to take the effort out of cleaning without comprimising on performance.

Exceptional power. For complete cleaning

Our powerful 8000 Cordless Cleaner works on any surface in your home for complete cleaning results. Designed for fluid, comfortable use, this versatile vacuum makes it easy to keep surfaces spotless, every day.

8000 Cordless cleaner

8000 Cordless cleaner

  • Experience exceptional dust pick-up - our most powerful cordless cleaner.
  • Save energy and prolong runtime with Auto Mode.

8000 Cordless cleaner features

  • Vacuum close-up
    Suction power icon
    Our most powerful cordless cleaner

    With front and back movements, the powerful motor and nozzle work together for high dust pick-up on hard floors and carpets.¹ Enjoy exceptional cleaning performance made easy.

  • Vacuum cleaner split image
    35 min runtime icon
    Long-lasting power – clean more with one charge

    Experience more cleaning time on one charge with the long-lasting lithium-ion battery. Vacuum for up to 35 minutes, covering up to 132m², when using the whole cleaner and get up to 60 min cleanup time when using the hand unit.²

  • Vacuum cleaner on floor
    Quick release icon
    Effortless and efficient cleaning

    Auto mode adjusts suction power when switching surfaces for effortless manoeuvrability and can save energy by up to 62% while prolonging the runtime.³

  • Hand holding vacuum
    Long lasting icon
    Powerful motor for better cleaning

    The cleaner is equipped with a compact, high-speed motor that lasts up to 350 hours which is 2 times longer lifetime than QX8 AEG model.⁴

  • Cordless cleaning on hard floor
    Hard floor icon
    Powerful, motorised nozzle. For deep cleaning

    The UltimatePower hard floor motorized nozzle efficiently cleans up to 99,9%⁵ of fine dust to pebble-sized debris in crevices and tiny gaps in hard floors. The roller inside the nozzle even gently polishes the floor.

  • 5 step filters description
    5 step filter icon
    Thorough filtration for a more hygienic home.

    The 5-step filtration system captures up to 99.99% of microdust particle sizes 0.3-10 microns.⁶ For a cleaner home.

¹Based on external and internal tests according to IEC 62885-4 in conjunction with IEC 62885-2, 2021 with a calculated average result for floor cleaning (hard floor and carpet) in accordance with 5.2, 5.3 (both directions), 5.4, and 5,5 (both directions).
²Based on internal tests according to IEC 62885-4 measuring run time on min mode and cleaning coverage using one double stroke to cover each area at a running speed of 0.5m/s.
³Based on internal calculations comparing power consumption and runtime when using Turbo mode with Auto mode when cleaning on carpet.
⁴Based on supplier tests on motor lifetime in the cleaner with the conditions of 10 min on / 10 min off when testing minimum requirements of motor lifetime in cordless cleaners. 
⁵Based on internal tests on hard floors with crevices on particles in the size range of 8-2000 micrometers when cleaning on max mode. Tests according to standard IEC 62885-2.
⁶Based on internal test according to EN60312-1:2017.

Person standing with 7000 Cordless cleaner in hand

So light and powerful

At 2.2kg¹, the 7000 Cordless cleaner works across all the surfaces of your home. The ergonomic design delivers powerful performance and is a more sustainable choice with a minimum of 60% of the plastic used being recycled.

7000 Cordless cleaner

7000 Cordless cleaner

  • Lightweight 7000 Cordless cleaner for powerful performance.

7000 Cordless cleaner features

  • Vacuuming on wall and ceiling
    Lightweight icon
    Lightweight, powerful cleaning. From floor to ceiling

    Make cleaning easier. Enjoy ergonomic design and powerful performance across all the surfaces of your home with our lightweight (only 2.2 kg¹) Cordless cleaner.

  • Holding cordless cleaner
    Suction power icon
    Best cleaning performance² in its category³

    Experience strong suction power and a high-speed motor that works with the motorised nozzle to deliver dust-free floors in one sweep.

  • Battery closeup
    50 min runtime icon
    Compact and powerful battery⁴

    Clean for longer with a single charge. The newly designed compact and powerful battery has a runtime of up to 50min⁴.

  • Cordless cleaner motor closeup inside
    Long life motor icon
    Powerful long-lasting motor. Cleaner floors

    A powerful, long-lasting motor means exceptional performance. Experience complete dust and debris removal and visibly spotless surfaces every time you clean.

  • Display closeup
    Auto mode icon
    Automatically adjusts power for different floor types

    The easy-to-use Auto Mode automatically adjusts suction power depending on the surface, optimising energy. Experience a smooth transition from tiles, to wooden floors and carpet.

  • 5 layer filtration technology closeup
    5 step filter icon
    5-layer filtration system captures up to 99.9% of particles ⁵

    The 5-layer filtration system captures up to 99.9% of microdust particle sizes in 0.3-10micrometre⁵ ensuring your home remains cleaner and healthier while you clean.

¹Total weight measured on a fully mounted cleaner with the UltimatePower multi-surface nozzle.
²Based on external tests according to IEC 62885-4 in conjunction with IEC 62885-2, 2021 with a calculated average result for floor cleaning in accordance with 5.2, 5.
³(both directions), 5.4, and 5,5 (both directions). ​ 3 In comparison with top three sellers in 17 European countries in the price range from EUR 300 to 379 (Gfk 2021).
⁴Internal tests on handheld unit at min speed mode acc to IEC 62885-4 where stick is turned on in min speed mode. Handheld unit is taken out and measurement is made on handheld unit.
⁵Removes up to 99.9% of microdust particle sizes 0.3-10µm based on internal test according to EN60312-1:2017.

5000 Cordless cleaner standing on floor


Easy-to-use, ergonomic and effective. The 5000 Cordless cleaner provides no-compromise results. With a detachable hand unit and accessories, it's quick and effortless. All models are made sustainably with recycled plastic¹.

5000 Cordless cleaner

5000 Cordless cleaner

  • 5000 Cordless cleaner provides effective results every time.

5000 Cordless cleaner features

  • Vacuuming on carpet
    Floor type icon
    Clean every surface easily and effectively

    Our Cordless cleaner provides effective cleaning results on dust, hair, and fine particles on any surface.

  • Dust bin closeup
    Cyclonic icon
    Clean more. With long-lasting performance²

    The new dust bin design ensures that even as more particles are collected, long-lasting performance² is assured without clogging.

  • Deatching handheld unit
    Detachable icon
    Convenient detachable handheld unit for quick cleaning

    For quick, easy cleaning. A detachable handheld unit helps you move from floors to hard-to-reach places without breaking stride.

  • Cordless cleaner battery closeup
    Runtime 50 minutes icon
    Up to 50 minutes cleaning time³. With one charge

    No need to stop. Now you can clean for up to 50 minutes³ with one charge.

  • Brush-roll on vacuum cleaner
    Brush roll icon
    Easily cut and remove hair from the brush-roll

    Say goodbye to tangled hair without touching them with your hands. Simply push the Brush Roll Clean button with your foot, and a cutter knife cuts tangled hair from the brushroll for easy maintenance.

  • 5 step filtration technology closeup
    5 step filter icon
    Maintains cleaner air and healthier home while you clean

    5-layer filtration captures up to 99% of fine dust and particles⁴ for cleaner air while you clean.

¹ Recycle plastic content in % varies from 64-74% across AEG 5000 cordless cleaner model.
²Maintains 99% of initial cleaning performance as the dust bin fills up acc to IEC 62885-2 edition 1.0: 5.1, 5.7 & 5.9 on max power setting.
³Internal tests on handheld unit at min speed mode acc to IEC 62885-4 where stick is turned on in min speed mode. Handheld unit is taken out and measurement is made on handheld unit.​
⁴Removes up to 99% of micro dust particle sizes 0.3-10µm based on internal test according to EN60312-1:2017.​​

Why buy a cordless vacuum cleaner?

Cordless vacuum cleaners are light, easy to use and easily accessible. These battery-powered cleaners provide strong performance and accessibility from the charging stand – without the hassle of plugging and unplugging when moving from one room to another.

Key features

Performance – Strong suction on all surfaces.
Battery-powered – Cordless mobility and long runtime.
Self-standing – Pause and resume cleaning without placing the product on the floor or against the wall. This feature is available for most AEG cordless cleaners.
Charging station – Easy roll-in/roll-out function without lifting the vacuum.
Maneuverability – Cover all areas with a nozzle that swivels around corners and furniture.
LED Light - Nozzles come with LED light to easily see dirt in low light areas.

Checklist for buying a cordless vacuum cleaner

☑ A cordless vacuum cleaner is a good option for all floor types

☑ If you have allergies or pets, consider a cleaner with a higher filtration and the right nozzles for deep cleaning. We recommend our Cordless Hygienic and Animal models.

☑ If you clean frequently or even for occasional spot cleaning, a cordless vacuum cleaner is ideal.


What type of filters are used in a cordless cleaner?
A) Different pre-filters stop particles from entering the motor.
B) A fine dust filter prevents fine dust & particles from re-entering the indoor air.

How often are filters cleaned or changed?
It is recommended that a pre-filter be changed every 6 months. And a fine dust filter should be changed every 12 months. Both types of filters are washable and need to be cleaned every 1-2 months.

Easy emptying and cleaning – Cordless vacuum cleaners are bagless with removable and washable dustbins.


Here are the different accessories for cordless vacuum cleaners and how they are used: 

Wood floors, tiles - UltimatePower hard floor nozzle (100% dust pick-up in crevices)
Carpet and hard floors - UltimatePower multi-surface nozzle (move from carpets to hard floors without switching nozzles)
Pet Hair & Pet dander - PetPro+ nozzle (specifically designed to clean up pet hair from any surface)
Bed & Sofa - BedProPower™+ nozzle, BedProPower™UV+ nozzle - With its unique brush (and UV light) ensure thorough cleaning of beds and sofas.

AEG EcoLine

Our most efficient cordless cleaners – saving energy with Auto Mode while delivering exceptional performance.
AEG EcoLine Cordless cleaners are our most efficient models, saving up to 62% energy* while prolonging runtime with Auto Mode. EcoLine Cordless cleaners are selected based on features that help the consumer save energy during use.

*Based on internal calculations on power consumption and runtime when comparing use of Turbo Mode vs Auto Mode when cleaning.

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