Wellbeing starts at home

Your home isn’t just a place to live in. It’s a place for life. Don’t let anything stand in the way of that. Protect the people you love and the four walls you care about with our tools. From purified water to flawless floors – we can help keep your home healthy and beautiful.

The streak-free secret

Experience the satisfaction of no. No dirt, no streaks and no leaks - with the revolutionary new AEG WX7 window vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning without compromise

Keep your home feeling healthy and beautiful. Whether cordless, bagless or handheld, our vacuums give your home a flawless clean.

Clean floors - always at hand

Stick vacuum cleaners offer the ultimate in convenience. Cordless, sleek and designed to be displayed in any room, they are always at hand.

Boiling water always on tap

Say goodbye to your kettle with the AEG ProSource boiling water tap. Available in a range of award winning designs, it gives you the convenience of instant boiling water in a style you'll love.