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Looking for durable cookware with superior performance for your induction hob? 

Browse our versatile Gourmet Collection with casseroles, pans and pots – all pieces crafted with a matching premium design. With a core of three-layer aluminium and an outer layer of magnetic steel, it is optimised for induction but works perfectly with all types of hob surfaces. Fully safe for both dishwasher and oven up to 250ºC. 




Fine-tune your steam cooking with genuine accessories, designed specifically for AEG steam ovens. 

Cook with pure steam
The Steam kit set contains trays in stainless steel to fit all kinds of ingredients. Tiny perforations removes excess water, allowing you to cook with pure steam for immaculate results. The containers are easily cleaned in a dishwasher.

Own an oven with a SousVide program?
Opt for our professional-grade vacuum bags, invaluable when cooking sous vide at temperatures up to 120°C. Obtain flavourful results that no other cooking technique can match.


Enjoy authentic results whether you choose to cook Italian, American or Asian style cuisine.

Asian - On the AEG Teppanyaki Grill Plate there is enough space to create dishes with flavours inspired by the street food from the Far East. Simmer and stir-fry in an instant with our Fusion Wok - ideal for serving too.

Italian – The Pizza stone set allows you to bake pizza and focaccia with the same crispiness only a professional oven can provide. Boil and drain your spaghetti al dente with our Pasta insert.

Pan-American – Whether you are in the mood for Texas BBQ or Caribbean grilled seafood, the Maxi Sense Plancha Grill is a marvellous choice to enjoy an outdoor grill taste at home. 


Discover how intuitive microwave cooking can be with AEG speciality utensils.

Microwave-to-table cookware: Cook and serve your pasta, vegetables or fish directly in the Cooking set by AEG. The pieces are dishwasher safe and stackable for simple storage.

Mugs for drinks – and cakes: The Mugs set makes preparing hot drinks and moist mug cakes easy. The mugs stay cool on the outside while cooking so you can easily remove them with your bare hands, while splash-proof lids keep the oven clean.

Omelettes in no time: The all-in-one microwave Omelette Maker is ideal for your morning omelettes. Just whisk all the ingredients together and put in the microwave. 


Specially developed for use on AEG appliances, our cleaning agents are powerful, non-scratch and non-toxic. The cleaners are sold in both complete-care sets as well as individually. 

For your hob – The Vitroceramic hob care removes burnt food residues and polishes your ceramic hob leaving a protective film to make future cleaning easier. 

For your oven – Oven cleaner cream will save you from scraping while still removing all residuals. Highly effective yet non-toxic.

For your steam oven – The Steam oven cleaning set will help you to descale and clean your steam oven keeping it in impeccable condition.  

For your microwave oven – Our non-toxic Microwave cleaner can be sprayed on both the inside and outside your microwave to easily dissolve stains and remove odours. 


Whenever you need professional cooking tools to complement your appliances, AEG has high-quality accessories for you.

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