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Maintaining your professional look day to day should be effortless. Our ProSteam® Technology means that your shirts look sharp for longer by enabling you to reduce creases by up to one third. Cutting down on dry-cleaning and ironing means less wear on fibres. Keeping your clothes looking and feeling impeccable, every day.


Less ironing. Clothes refreshed

Use steam as a quick and easy way to refresh clothes instead of a full wash. The short, gentle steam program safely removes odours as well as reducing creases helping you to extend the life of your clothes. Or you can finish your wash cycle with a gentle steam so clothes need little to no ironing.

The UniversalDose drawer - puts extra power in cold and quick washes*

UniversalDose is a unique drawer designed for PODS® capsules that uses tailored waterjets to soften and pierce PODS® in the drawer, activating them 60% faster, compared to when placed in the drum. This gives extra power to stain removal in cold and quick 1-hour washes.*

*Internal test using a cotton 30°C one-hour programme, comparing PODS® in the UniversalDose drawer vs. PODS® in the drum.

MyMix 69min programme. Saves you time. Thoroughly cleans clothes

Achieve optimal performance and outstanding cleaning results with MixLoad 69 min. Perfect for cleaning daily mixed loads of cottons and synthetics, it washes clothes at 30°C and in just 69 minutes saving you time and energy.

Caring for clothes. Saving water and energy

ProSense technology® automatically weighs each load to provide a tailored cycle. Sensors adjust washing times precisely with just the right amount of water used, ensuring optimum treatment for every garment whilst saving water and energy.

Removes more than 99,99% of bacteria and viruses* from clothes

Our Swissatest-certified Anti-Allergy Vapour programme combines a wash and steam cycle to remove more than 99,99% of bacteria and viruses.* Washing above 60°C reduces allergens and ensures clothes become more hygienic and clean.

* Tested for Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecium, Candida albicans, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and MS2 Bacteriophage in external test performed by Swissatest Testmaterialien AG in 2021 (Test Report No. 202120117)



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