Forget Googling the best way to clean clothes or how to understand care labels. Meet the small print expert: the My AEG app. Connect appliances to the app for a smarter and faster way to superior care. The technology can treat up to 48 fabrics and 40 stains efficiently. It’s intuitive. It’s immediate. It’s personalised care – all from your smartphone. 



Don’t just wash and dry your clothes - care for them. Using the app, simply select fabric type, colour and soil level - and the My AEG app will recommend the best programme and send it to your machine automatically. It’s the smart way to care. Use the intuitive Care Advisor to make your clothes feel like new for longer -it provides expert care by always recommending the best programme for your garments. 


Personalize and tailor your laundry experience. Save your favourite settings including customized Care Advisor programmes using My Favourites. Store up to 6 washing and 6 drying programmes for quick access. Save time by cleaning your regularly worn garments with just one click.

image of garments and a phone

AEG's 9000 Series connected washing machines use pioneering SoftWater Technology to eliminate the impurities in water that can be harsh on fabrics. This gentler garment care means blacks stay black and bold colours remain as deep as the day you bought them.

Dare to dry clothing you never thought possible could with AEG’s 8000 Series connected tumble dryers. Our Woolmark accredited tumble dryers come with our unique AbsoluteCare® System. Your sweaters retain their shape and texture, no shrinkage guaranteed.


Use the My AEG app to start your laundry and check its status anywhere in your home.
In the My AEG app, select your preferred washing cycle and select the Wi-Fi symbol. This will enable the Remote Start Mode. During the cycle, the app will display the status on the monitoring screen and notify you when the programme is finished. With the My AEG app you will stay in full control of your laundry.


Washing is only half of the equation - drying garments properly is an important part of caring for your clothes. The My AEG app works equally well for your tumble dryer. Use the Care Advisor for automatic programme selection based on your needs. Store your favourite programmes with My Favourites and control your dryer remotely from anywhere in your home. 

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Never be confused by a care label again. The Care Advisor in the MyAEG app can translate the symbols on your care labels into actual programmes for your washer or dryer. Simply select the symbols you see on your care label and the app will select and send the optimal programme to your appliance. Personalised care – all from your smartphone.


Have questions about the My AEG app, our connected appliances or do you need assistance in setting up connectivity within your WiFi-network? Check out our FAQ for answers to the most common questions. Want to get started with the My AEG app and your connected appliance? Download our Quick Start Guide and get connected. 

image of a phone with remote control


  • Apple: Phone or Tablet. Minimum iOS 8.0 or later
  • Android: phone or tablet: Minimum Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz with WEP, WPA or WPA2 AES/TKIP with internet connection.
  • Make sure the signal strength is strong enough in the location where the appliance will be installed.
  • In case this is far away from the Wi-Fi router, a network extender may be needed.