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Washer Dryers

Sensidry® technology

Our SensiDry® technology takes care of your complete wardrobe, harnessing its advanced heat pump technology for low temperatures and controlled drum movements. Giving you complete confidence that your clothing will retain its shape and condition, wear after wear.


Load the machine in the morning and empty it after work - your best outfit clean, dry and ready for a night out. Every machine features a Wash & Dry mode button for non-stop programmes allowing you to wash and dry your clothes in one go - without compromises.

DualSense® Technology

Our DualSense® Technology tailors the machine’s programme to your fabrics – whether delicates, woollens or outdoor wear. So that everything from textured outdoor wear to soft jumpers can be carefully washed, dried and cared for in one go. Enjoy the convenience of an integrated and complete treatment.


Without proper care, outdoor wear can become worn and lose its functionality. With DualSense® functionality can be retained and restored - from water repellency to breathability. Meet the protector of your performance wear.

ÖKOMix Technology

AEGs innovative ÖKOMix technology is a market first - pre-mixing detergents and softener separately in water before they enter the drum. This means that they are activated before they reach fabrics, preparing clothes for the most thorough clean and the most even dry.


Pre-mixing detergents and softener results in a more efficient distribution - ensuring that every fibre is reached. This means that they reach and care for every part of the clothes ensuring each fibre is thoroughly cleaned and perfectly protected and prepared for the most even dry.

Woolmark Blue

Our DualSense® technology also cares for hand-wash only woollens. Both washing and drying cycles are certified by Woolmark Blue to safely clean even hand-wash only woollens in one process. Meaning no more hand washing. Just the convenience of an integrated and complete treatment.