Washing Machines

L6FBG842R | RRP £444.99

Quality clothes are made to be worn, but everyday pieces need care to maintain their condition. Whether you wash one shirt or a full load, AEG washing machines will adjust the cycle accordingly, reducing wear and tear by taking the minimum amount of time, water and energy necessary for a thorough clean. Keeping clothes looking their best. Every wear, every wash

L8FEE965R | RRP £799

Your favourite clothes need to be treated gently to ensure their quality remains timeless, no matter how often you wear them.

ÖKOMix Technology in AEG washing machines guarantees that every fibre is cleaned and cared for, even in shorter cycles. Every thread. Every stitch. Expertly protected.

L9FEC966R | RRP £949 

At last, there is no need to compromise performance for care. Achieve the thorough clean of a 60-degree wash at just 30 degrees.

Maintaining the colour, shape and feel of every garment. Wash after wash. It’s more than a washing machine. It’s the guardian of your clothes.

Our washing machine series

Find new confidence to wash even your most delicate clothes with AEG's new laundry range. We've combined consumer insight and science to deliver an experience beyond cleaning. A revolutionary new way to care for clothes by protecting fibres, colours and textures.

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SoftWater Technology

Colours keep their intensity wash after wash and black won't fade to grey

AEG 9000 Series washing machines with SoftWater Technology

The little black dress guardian

The pioneering SoftWater Technology in AEG's 9000 Series washing machines eliminates the impurities in water that can be harsh on fabrics. Detergents mix more effectively with water to deliver thorough cleaning at low temperatures. This gentler garment care means blacks stay black and bold colours remain as deep as the day you bought them.


When it comes to caring for your favourite clothes, there should be no need for compromise. Especially when it comes to colour. Our 9000 Series washing machines are designed to deliver the thorough clean of a 60-degree wash at just 30 degrees. This, together with the power of our SoftWater Technology, puts less strain on colours, so your brights stay brighter for longer.

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Laundered clothes hanging up in a wardobe

Care without compromise

When it comes to caring for your favourite clothes, there should be no need for compromise. Our 9000 Series washing machines are designed to deliver the thorough clean of a 60-degree wash at just 30 degrees. This puts less strain on colours, so your brights stay brighter for longer. 

OKOPower washing machine programme symbol

Supreme clean in under an hour

Our 8000 Series washing machines, with fast-acting ÖKOMix Technology, come with a new ÖKOPower washing programme. It takes just 59 minutes and produces outstanding cleaning results with minimal energy consumed during the cycle.

ÖKOMix Technology

Guarantees 100% distribution of detergent and then softener, unlike other washing machines

AEG 8000 Series washing machines

Protect every fibre

Treat your clothes well and they'll stay as vibrant as the day you bought them. AEG's 8000 Series with ÖKOMix Technology blends detergent with water, then fabric softener with water, before they enter the drum. It's the first washing machine technology to distribute detergents and softeners completely evenly. This even distribution enables more thorough and immediate cleaning as detergents and softeners reach your clothes fully activated — guaranteeing for the first time ever that every fibre is cleaned and cared for.

A blue waterproof jacket
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The dream team

Pair AEG 8000 Series laundry systems together to enjoy the full benefits of ÖKOMix Technology and our revolutionary AbsoluteCare® System. Discover care so gentle it’s like hand-washing and flat-drying your softest, most delicate garments. Even breathable performance fabrics see their water-repellent membranes restored, with innovative new outdoor programs. Colours, textures and fibres are protected like never before.

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Can I machine wash wool?

You may have thought it's impossible, but Woolmark, the world's leading authority on wool, disagrees. They've tested our machines and certified them as gentle enough to wash your woollens. So when you see the Woolmark Apparel Care label, you can have confidence that even your favourite 'hand wash only' wool jumper is safe to wash.

A care level for every need

Symbol for ProSense® Technology
Saving water and energy

ProSense® Technology in our 6000 Series washing machines automatically measures each load to provide a tailored, precisely timed wash cycle for your clothes.

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Symbol for ProSteam® Technology
Crease-free, odour-free

Our 7000 Series with ProSteam® Technology feature a new PlusSteam option to complete a washing cycle with steam for less wrinkling and less ironing. Your clothing is left refreshed and odour-free.

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Symbol for ÖKOMix Technology
The deepest clean

ÖKOMix Technology in our 8000 Series is the first ever washer technology to distribute detergents and softeners completely evenly, so they reach, clean and care for every fibre.

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Effortlessly sharp

The sharp, suited look can take time, but with ProSteam® Technology you can cross one item off your to-do list. Our 7000 Series washing machines include a Steam Refresh cycle. This feature allows you to give delicate clothes a rapid refresh and cut down on visits to the dry cleaner.

Classics you can keep

The quality fibres of your favourite wardrobe classics need special attention to withstand everyday wear. The ProSense® Technology in our 6000 Series weighs each laundry load and calculates how much time, water and energy it requires. This reduces wear and tear by delivering a thorough clean, without subjecting clothes to excess mechanical motion.

The spacious and handy laundry pedestal

Intelligent laundry

Our washing machines and dryers are full of features designed to keep everything looking pristine, while using a minimum of energy, water and effort. But our laundry expertise doesn’t stop with excellent appliances – we also offer all the accessories you need to get perfect results, every time. The AEG laundry pedestal is just one item that takes the hassle out of doing laundry, raising your machine for easy loading and unloading of all your washing.