Steam Instead Of Wash

Steam Instead Of Wash.

Only worn once? Freshening up a garment that isn’t soiled doesn’t take a full wash cycle. In fact, it hardly takes washing at all. Thanks to modern technology, you can use the steam function instead and make your clothes feel fresh with removed odours in a short time.

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    Make your clothes feel fresh with removed odours* in just 25 minutes with the Steam programme.

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    Saves water

    Saving more than 40 liters of water per cycle compared to using the Delicates washing programme.

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    Less wrinkles

    Steaming decreases wrinkles, making it a perfect option for quickly freshening up shirts and blouses.

AEG Washing Machine with ProSteam Technology

Save Water with ProSteam Technology.

Steam Instead of Wash - in only 25 Min. With 96% Less Water*

Steaming instead of washing is one of the best ways to refresh clothes that do not need a full wash. The 7000 ProSteam® Washing Machine can use the Steam cycle to refresh clothes, which consumes only 2L of water per cycle and is kinder to clothes. ProSteam® technology is available on AEG 9000, 8000, and 7000 series.

Explore AEG Washing Machine with ProSteam® Technology

Garment Fresh with Steam programme

Choose the Steam programme to neutralise odours** and reduce wrinkles on garments, including delicates, in just 25 minutes. Discover that just washed freshness, with less water usage with every cycle saving Water and Energy.

*Internal test with a 1 kg load on the steam programme vs the delicates programme. **External test show neutralization of cigarette smoke odour in a Steam Refresh cycle ***Internal test according to internal test method shows up to 40 % reduction of wrinkles on 100 % cotton woven fabric after a ProSteam® cycle.