DIY Kitchens Cashback

Selected Appliances

All kitchen and laundry appliances below are eligible for this promotion:


Model Type
ABB682F1AF Freezers-Built Under
ABE682F1NF Freezers-Built Under
ABK818E6NC Freezers-Built In
AWUS020B5B Wine Cellar - Integrated Under counter
BCK55636XM Single Ovens-Electric
BEB335061B Single Ovens-Electric
BEK355061M Single Ovens-Electric
BPK355061B Single Ovens-Electric
BPK355061M Single Ovens-Electric
BPK556260B Single Ovens-Electric
BPK55636PM Single Ovens-Electric
BPK742L81M Single Ovens-Electric
BPK742R81M Single Ovens-Electric
BPK748380B Single Ovens-Electric
BPK748380M Single Ovens-Electric
BPK748380T Single Ovens-Electric
BPK948330B Single Ovens-Electric
BPK948330B Single Ovens-Electric
BPK948330M Single Ovens-Electric
BPK948330T Single Ovens-Electric
BSK577261M Single Ovens-Electric
BSK772380M Single Ovens-Electric
BSK778380T Single Ovens-Electric
BSK782380M Single Ovens-Electric
BSK798280B Single Ovens-Electric
BSK798280M Single Ovens-Electric
BSK978330B Single Ovens-Electric
BSK978330M Single Ovens-Electric
BSK999330B Single Ovens-Electric
BSK999330M Single Ovens-Electric
BSK999330T Single Ovens-Electric
CCE84543FB Hobs - Extractor Hob
CCE84751FB Hobs - Extractor Hob
CCE84779FB Hobs - Extractor Hob
CDE84543FB Hobs - Extractor Hob
CDE84751FB Hobs - Extractor Hob
CDE84779FB Hobs - Extractor Hob
DCE531160B Double Ovens-Electric
DCK531160M Double Ovens-Electric
DCK731110M Double Ovens-Electric
DGE5661HB Hoods - Canopy Hood
DGE5661HM Hoods - Canopy Hood
DGE5861HB Hoods - Canopy Hood
DGE5861HM Hoods - Canopy Hood
DKB4650M Hoods - Chimney Hood
DKB4950m Hoods - Chimney Hood
DUK731110M Built Under Double Ovens-Electric
DVE5671HG Hoods - Screen Hood
DVE5971HG Hoods - Screen Hood
FSB42607Z Built in Dishwashers
FSE72507P Slim Dishwasher BI
FSK52917Z Built in Dishwashers
FSK83828P Built in Dish - ComfortLift Dishwashers
HDB95623NB Mixed Hobs - Induction and Gas
HK634060XB Hobs - Electric Ceramic
HK834060XB Hobs - Electric Ceramic
HKB64450NB Hobs - Gas
HKB75450NB Hobs - Gas
IAE64411FB Hobs - Induction
IDE74243IB Hobs - Extractor Hob
IKB64401FB Hobs - Induction
IKE85751FB Hobs - Induction
ILB64334CB Hobs - Induction
KDE911424B Warming Drawers
KDE911424M Warming Drawers
KDE912924M Warming Drawers
KDK911424M Warming Drawers
KDK911424T Warming Drawers
KDK912924M Warming Drawers
KMK365060M Compact Microwave Oven
KMK525860M Compact Microwave Oven
KMK565060B Compact Microwave Oven
KMK565060M Compact Microwave Oven
KMK768080B Compact Microwave Oven
KMK768080M Compact Microwave Oven
KMK768080T Compact Microwave Oven
KMK968000B Compact Microwave Oven
KMK968000M Compact Microwave Oven
KMK968000T Compact Microwave Oven
L7WC8632BI Washer Dryers BI
LFR71844B Washing Machines
LWR7496O4B Washer Dryers
MBB1756SEM Microwave Oven
OSC6N181ES Fridge Freezers-Built In
SKB582F1AF Refrigeration-Built Under
SKE818E1DC Refrigeration-Built In
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Terms & Conditions

AEG Rewards DIY Kitchens Cashback Promotion 2024

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully and if you have any queries, please contact your retailer or email or phone (0)8000 445085 (Freephone) for further explanation.  

  1. Consumers who make a qualifying purchase between 01.02.24 and 30.11.24 (both dates inclusive) may claim cashback (“AEG Reward”) in accordance with these terms until 31.01.25. The AEG Reward will be issued via a bank transfer.

  2. The AEG Rewards offer is open to residents of the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man and is available on eligible purchases that they make at participating retailers only.

  3. This promotion is applicable to retail sales only (excludes trade and contract sales). 

  4. Maximum of 1 claim per household. Claims are capped at 1 eligible claim per household with unlimited number of products per claim. For avoidance of doubt, 1 (one) claim equates invoice/till receipt and all product models must be purchased within the scope of maximum 1 (one) invoices/till receipts.  

  5. Information on this AEG Rewards promotion can be found on

  6. To register appliances within your order and claim your AEG Reward, please visit our AEG promotions claims site at and follow the on-screen instructions. Please note payment will be subject to compliance with these terms and conditions.
  7. The AEG Reward will be cashback to a maximum value of £1000. You will only be eligible to claim the AEG Reward  when you purchase 3 or more selected AEG appliances. The purchase must include 1 single or double oven and 1 hob. The AEG Reward amounts available are as follows:
    3 appliances - £150
    4 appliances - £200
    5 appliances - £300
    6 appliances - £400
    7+ appliances - £500
    Selected AEG Hob - £500 (Selected hobs included are CCE84751FB, CCE84779FB, CDE84751FB, CCE84543FB, TCH74B01CB, NCP84C01AZ, CDE84543FB, CDE84779FB, IKK86681FB, NII64G00AZ, NIK85M00AZ)
  8. All online claims will need to be submitted and received by midnight on 31.01.25. No online claims can be submitted after this date and no responsibility can be accepted by the Promoter for claims which are not made by this closing date.

  9. Claims relating to products purchased before 01.02.24 and after 30.11.24 will not be accepted.

  10. Proof of purchase must be provided to support any online claim. Claims made without proof of purchase will be rejected.

  11. All instructions given within this leaflet are part of these terms and conditions. 

  12. By claiming your AEG Rewards, applicants will be deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

  13. The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw the promotion at any time.

  14. The Promoter reserves the right to investigate and undertake all such action, as is reasonable, to protect itself against fraudulent or invalid claims. The Promoter reserves the right to reject those claims, which it considers, in its absolute discretion, are fraudulent or invalid.

  15. After registration and a successful verification, the participant will receive a transfer to the bank account specified by them during the registration in the amount specified in these terms and conditions.

  16. The Promoter endeavours to transfer the cashback amount to the specified account within 28 days from the date when the registration was approved. If there is a high number of registrations, delays may occur. 

  17. Personal data supplied during the course of this AEG Rewards Promotion will only be processed as necessary for the operation of the AEG Rewards Promotion and in accordance with the Promoter's privacy policy which can be found here - Personal data will be shared with Benamic Limited and its sub-contractors as data processors of the Promotor for the sole purpose of managing claims submitted in the AEG Rewards Promotion and only in accordance with the Promotor’s instructions. Personal data supplied during the course of this AEG Rewards Promotion will be retained for 12 months from the end of the AEG Rewards Promotion.  

  18. If you have any queries on your application or if your cashback does not arrive, please email or phone (0)8000 445085 (Freephone).

  19. The Promoter is Electrolux PLC, Addington Way, Luton, Bedfordshire LU4 9QQ.