10 Must-Have Storage Solutions for a Functional Utility Room  

The utility room is an unsung hero in your household, supporting daily life by housing essential tools and supplies. Yet, it’s a space prone to clutter – whether its laundry piles, stacked appliances or odds and ends like wires and clothes hangers.

Thankfully, there are many storage solutions designed to optimise your utility room space and create a tidy and efficient environment. From simple shelving units and versatile cabinets to wall mounts and space-saving hooks, you can quickly build a cleaner and more functional room. 

Here are the top ten must-have storage solutions for a stylish and uncluttered utility room.

Stacked or Piggyback washer dryers

Instead of installing your washing machine and dryer side by side, why not stack them? Stacking them on top of each other means you can maximise floor space and fit more into your utility room.

This setup also makes the laundry process more efficient. By having both units stacked, you can move clothes straight from the washing machine into the tumble dryer. And with AEG, you’ll find a range of integrated washing machines and dryers available, perfect for hiding away both appliances, saving space and keeping the room looking stylish.

Door hooks and shelves

Door hooks are a super convenient addition to your utility room, providing a designated spot to hang towels or clothing without cluttering living areas. They also serve as perfect solutions for accommodating guests’ coats when they visit.

Take your utility room organisation to the next level by opting for hooks that include shelves. These hook/shelf combinations optimise your coat-hanging space while also providing additional storage space for items like books, plants and photos.

  • Clothes rails

    Maximise the efficiency of your utility room with clothes rails, making use of any empty space between work surfaces and the ceiling. These versatile additions save valuable floor space while offering practical solutions for hanging clothes you can’t fit in your wardrobe. They’re also convenient spots for air-drying laundry fresh out of your washing machine or tumble dryer, removing wrinkles and reducing your ironing load.

  • Tall and thin cabinets

    Narrow and tall cabinets offer versatile storage solutions for various household items and appliances. Whether you want to hide away your vacuum, ironing board or sweeping brush, they’re perfect for stashing away clutter and keeping your home tidy.

    Make them even more functional by including additional shelves, providing more space for anything from washing products and towels to buckets and your iron. This maximises storage efficiency and keeps essential items easily accessible but also neatly hidden.

  • Shelving

    One of the best ways to optimise your utility room space is by installing shelving. Shelves can be made to fit the room no matter its shape or size while also being budget-friendly to install – you may even be able to do it yourself. 

    You can store a variety of items on shelves, from books and decorative items to lesser-used utensils and cleaning products that need to be out of your children's reach. In short, they’re ideal for housing items that you can’t find space for elsewhere.

Using up space with low cabinets and drawers

Make use of all the space in your utility room by installing low cabinets and drawers alongside tall and narrow cabinets.

Low cabinets and drawers provide the perfect enclosed storage, keeping items out of sight and creating a clean look. You can choose to install cabinets that fit the dimensions of the room or opt for pre-made cabinets that are more flexible and can be moved around.

  • Wall mounts

    Wall mounts offer a perfect solution for packing away bulky household items like ironing boards, brooms and laundry baskets. By using your wall space, they free up the floor area while also ensuring easy access, removing the frustration of rummaging through cupboards. Additionally, arranging items on wall mounts can enhance the aesthetic of your utility room.

  • Storage baskets and tubs

    Enhance your utility room with stylish yet practical baskets and tubs, perfect for organising all your essentials, such as cleaning supplies, tools or spare towels. You can choose from a range of styles and designs to match your taste – from classic wicker and wire baskets to modern fabric boxes and collapsible storage bins.

  • Optimise cupboard space

    Efficiently utilising your cupboard space is vital for maximising its potential. Incorporate drawers to capitalise on vertical space, ideal for neatly tucking away linens or small items. Install a pull-out airer, offering a discreet drying solution for your laundry. Alternatively, opt for adaptable shelves that cater to your storage needs, accommodating a range of items.

    These additions ensure that you’re making the most of your cupboard space, helping you maintain a tidy home.

Concealing with curtains

No space for any more storage? Concealing items with curtains in your utility room offers a versatile and aesthetically pleasing solution. They help you hide away everything from bulky appliances and cleaning supplies to plastic tubs and storage shelves, keeping the room tidy and cohesive. Additionally, they ensure you can access hidden items fast, meaning no fuss when you need to get them. 

With an array of fabric options available, you can choose curtains which complement your utility room’s décor, ensuring an attractive yet practical storage solution.

Making a home for your appliances  

With many options available, you can turn your utility room into a functional yet stylish area, perfect for storing items and minimising household clutter.

Explore our selection of washing machines and wash dryers in various sizes and configurations to fit your utility room, with freestanding and integrated options available.

Additionally, discover a variety of vacuum cleaners and accessories to conveniently stash away when not in use, maintaining a tidy environment.