Where is the best place in the home to install your tumble dryer?  

Owning a tumble dryer can be a game changer when it comes to your laundry routine, thanks to its quick and efficient drying capabilities. However, to make the most of your machine and ensure optimal performance and safety, it’s crucial to choose the right location for installation.

This guide covers the best places in the home for your tumble dryer to ensure you’re getting the most out of your machine.

What are the benefits of using a tumble dryer in the home?

There are many benefits of using a tumble dryer at home, including:

  • Speedy drying times: Arguably the main benefit, tumble drying clothes is much faster than air drying, meaning your clothes will be ready to wear much sooner.
  • Reduced risk of mould: Drying clothes in your home can lead to mould and damp due to the additional moisture in the air. Using a tumble dryer eliminates this risk.
  • Less reliant on the weather: When you don’t have a tumble dryer, another option is to hang your washing to dry outside. However, this relies on dry weather, something that we don’t always get. Owning a tumble dryer eliminates the need to rely on good weather and speeds up the drying process.

Choosing your tumble dryer

There are three types of tumble dryer you can choose from, and it’s important to select one that best suits your needs. The options are:

  1. Condenser tumble dryer:
  • How it works: Uses hot air to extract moisture from your clothes in the drum.
  • Key advantage: Offers speedy drying times thanks to short cycles and high temperatures.
  1. Heat pump tumble dryer:
  • How it works: Similar to condenser tumble dryers, but the hot air created inside is recycled, making them more energy efficient.
  • Key advantage: They generally use lower temperatures, which means better protection for your clothes.
  1. Vented tumble dryer:
  • How it works: Different to the other options as they remove moisture from your clothes and dispose of it through an external vent. This makes them less flexible as they must be installed next to an external wall or window.
  • Key advantage: Low maintenance as the vent removes all the moisture. Plus, they are more energy efficient than the other options.


Why is tumble dryer placement important?  

Where you put your tumble dryer matters significantly for two reasons. Firstly, it must be placed in the right spot to ensure optimal performance, with a temperature that’s not too hot or too cold and with adequate airflow.

Additionally, safety should be a priority. Choose a location that minimises fire hazards, including away from cramped spaces, curtains and carpet. You should also make sure it’s safely connected to electrical power outlets.

What to consider when finding a place for your tumble dryer  

Before installing your tumble dryer, it's important to consider three key factors about the place you choose. These are the room’s ventilation, temperature and type of flooring.

  • Ventilation

    You must ensure that the room you choose to install your tumble dryer in is well ventilated. Make sure the area has plenty of space, there are windows nearby and air can circulate freely in the room.

  • Room temperature

    Most manufacturers recommend installing your tumble dryer in a room which has a temperature of at least 10°C. Heat pump and condenser tumble dryers won’t work in colder temperatures.

    It’s also important not to install your tumble dryer somewhere that’s too hot. This would be a room that doesn't have much space, meaning there’s little ventilation which stops the machine from getting cold enough to condense moisture from warm air.

  • Flooring

    It’s also important to consider the type of flooring you place your tumble dryer on. There are plenty of acceptable options, including vinyl, tile, concrete and laminate flooring. Avoid placing your tumble dryer on carpet – when the machine gets hot, this becomes a fire risk.

Best places to install your tumble dryer around the home

There are a couple of standout areas in your home where you could install your tumble dryer. These are:


The kitchen is one of the most sensible places to install your tumble dryer. It’s one of the best rooms in your home for temperature regulation and ventilation, and it should also have appropriate flooring for the machine to stand on, e.g. flat stone or tile floor.

Utility room

If you have a utility room, this could also be a perfect place for your tumble dryer to live. It utilises a space that’s largely out of sight – you could even install your washing machine here, too, and effectively create a laundry room. Optimise the space by stacking the appliances on top of each other. Just make sure that your utility room offers the correct temperature and ventilation. Remember, if you have a ventilated tumble dryer, it’ll need to be next to an external window or wall.


Places to avoid when installing your tumble dryer  

There are also specific places in your home where you should avoid installing your tumble dryer. Here are three places that aren’t suitable for housing a tumble dryer:

  • Garage

    The garage is a no-go area for installing your tumble dryer. For the appliance to work, the room temperature needs to be at least above 5°C, and this can’t be guaranteed in the garage – particularly during winter. The water inside the machine can also freeze in cold conditions, causing damage.

  • Under the stairs

    The space under your stairs is fantastic for storage. However, it’s not ideal for a tumble dryer. This is because it’s likely to be a small area with little ventilation, and it may prove difficult to routinely empty the water chamber that collects condensation.

  • Inside a cupboard

    Like the above, cupboards can be cramped areas that are not well-ventilated, which means they aren’t a great place to install your tumble dryer. Installing a tumble dryer in a small cupboard is a fire hazard as the hot air can’t escape.

Upgrading your tumble dryer

Considering investing in a tumble dryer upgrade? AEG offers a range of options, whether you’re shopping for a heat pump tumble dryer or a condenser tumble dryer.

Check out our 9000 series tumble dryers, featuring unique 3DScan Technology that adjusts the run time of each cycle by reading the humidity of the load. These models also include a Mix XL Programme which uses a unique pre-mixing of water, softener and detergent and reaches every fibre of your clothes.

Alternatively, shop our 8000 series, featuring an AbsoluteCare System that safely dries your clothes thanks to intelligent drum movements and temperature adjustments.