Fondant Fox - Chocolate Birch Winter Woodland Cake
Fondant Fox - Chocolate Birch Winter Woodland Cake

Fondant Fox - Chocolate Birch Winter Woodland Cake

Not the usual fruit cake, Fondant Fox made a Chocolate Birch Winter Wonderland Cake. Spending more time outside, why not create your favourite winter walk and give it a festive feel with rosemary pine tree's and a cute robin on top. The cake itself is a warming irish cream buttercream filling.


Recipe by @fondantfox


• 4 x 7inch round chocolate Sponges
• 500g of unsalted butter
• 1kg of Icing sugar
• 2 tbsp of cold water
• 1 tbsp vanilla bean extract
• 4 tbsp Irish Cream
• 2 x packs of white candy melts or 500g white chocolate
• 3 x squares of dark chocolate
• Topper of your choice (I actually used a sparkly robin Christmas tree decoration)


Sandwich the 4 layers of your chocolate sponge with lashings of Irish cream buttercream and crumbcoat the outside.  Chill in fridge, then add another thin layer of buttercream around the outside and chill in fridge again. Melt your dark chocolate in a microwaveable bowl in 30 second blasts (stirring in between) until melted and glossy.  Brush in random stripes and dots onto a sheet of greaseproof paper (I scrunched this up first to give the chocolate bark a bit of texture). Melt the white chocolate and spread evenly over the greaseproof paper with a palette knife (about 2mm thickness).  Chill in fridge for a couple of minutes until the chocolate looks “Matt” but still bendy.  Be brave and wrap the greaseproof covered chocolate around your cake and place back into the fridge until the chocolate is completely set.  Once firm, unpeel the greaseproof to reveal your chocolate bark underneath and break into large pieces.  Stick around the cake starting from the top, using a blob of buttercream on each piece.   Top with something festive and sparkly and add a few sprigs of rosemary and even berries in between your chocolate bark to complete your Rustic Woodland Christmas cake.  Best eaten on the sofa in front of your favourite film, with a glass of your remaining Irish Cream! YES! Easily feeds 8-12.