Gourmet range

Gourmet range cookware on an induction hob

Expertly designed

From frying pans to conical sautés, all fully stackable, you now have the premium pots and pans to get the most out of every recipe. Strain the silkiest Béchamel sauce with the Chinois Colander. And sear scallops to perfection with little or no oil in our best non-stick frying pan. With the best cookware set you can expect the best results. 

A selection of induction cookware cooking food on an AEG induction hob
The Gourmet Range

Suitable for every hob, the gourmet range is perfect for induction cooking. 

The AEG Gourmet Range stockpot

Pots and pans perfect for induction

The Gourmet Range guarantees rapid, even heat and durability. The three-layer aluminium is a superb heat conductor and delivers uniform heat across your pan. Infact, it heats up 14 times quicker than stainless steel. And the corrosion resistant stainless steel ensures your cookware lasts. Plus, they're oven-safe and dishwasher-friendly.

  • The Gourmet Range non-stick frying pan frying eggs
    Gourmet Non-Stick Frying Pan Set

    Get delicious results with little or no need for oil. These certified non-stick pans deliver fast, even heat for consistent, efficient cooking.

  • The Gourmet Range frying pan frying fish
    Gourmet Frying Pan

    The ultimate in frying, this pan spreads heat evenly and reduces moisture to make food juicy on the inside and crisp on the outside.

  • The Gourmet Range saucepan with fruit stewing inside
    Gourmet Saucepan

    For precision and versatility in one pan, the straight sides allow you to glaze, toss, stew and caramelize your way to tasty results. 

  • The Gourmet Range Chinois Colander and tomatoes
    Gourmet Chinois Colander

    Expertly prepare sauces, soups, purées and custards using the extra fine Chinois Colander for silky smooth results.  

  • The Gourmet Range conical sauté
    Gourmet Conical Sauté

    For delicious, crunchy vegetables and small and crispy portions of meat, the conical sauté is expertly designed for flash-frying.

  • The Gourmet Range Low Casserole with risotto
    Gourmet Low Casserole

    From family-sized risottos to poaching individual portions, the 4.5l Low Casserole makes it easy to create dishes big or small. 

  • The Gourmet Range stockpot boiling broccoli

    With a 9 litres capacity, you can boil all your vegetables in one pot and prepare wholesome soups and stews for family and friends.

  • The Gourmet Range pasta insert
    Pasta Insert

    Delicious al dente pasta is a certainty with this insert. Protect and cook your spaghetti, linguine and fettucine and simply lift to drain.

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