Vacuum cleaners

Less frustration, more satisfaction

According to our consumer insight survey, 80% of people are frustrated with their vacuum cleaner. We've improved the design and features of our AEG vacuum cleaners to reduce these frustrations. AEG vacuums offer greater suction, have longer cords and cause fewer bad odours than regular vacuum cleaners. To ensure a smooth, pleasant experience.

Delve deeper

Many vacuum cleaners make an impressive noise, but still leave your home only superficially clean, failing to address deeply compacted dirt trapped in the pores of fabric. AEG vacuum cleaners feature high-performance suction and filter systems that remove even microscopic house dust – allowing you to achieve superior cleanliness deep inside pores, fibres and cracks. 

Take control of your environment

An AEG vacuum showing clean, filtered air coming from the filter

Clean thoroughly. Breathe deeply.

Make your home allergen-free with AEG vacuums. Our allergy care models feature air-tight construction and high performance nozzles and brushes to remove allergens from every surface. The advanced filter systems ensure the outgoing air flow is filtered clean too.

As silent as a whisper

The VX8 vacuum works silently while a baby sleeps on a rug
Less noise, deeper clean

The Silent Pro nozzle cleans closer to the floor to reduce noise and achieve an excellent clean

A VX8 Silent Zen vacuum nozzle

Embrace the quiet clean

Enjoy the quietest deep-clean with the VX8 UltraSilencer vacuum cleaner. The layers of insulation in its Silence Pro System™ ensure its motor purrs rather than roars, for a thorough clean at just 58dB – allowing you to achieve a high-performance clean at sound levels a baby could sleep through.

Performance on every surface

Whatever the size of your home, our bagged vacuums will help keep it clean, tidy and healthy. From carpet to laminate, sofa to stool, powerful suction keeps dust off of all types of flooring and furniture. And the closed bags prevent dust particles entering the air when emptied – so they'll defend you from symptons of allergies or asthma. This makes bagged vacuums a fantastic choice for performance and hygiene.

Save money, optimise cleaning

Save yourself time, money and effort – and never buy vacuum bags again. With bagless vacuums, you can see as soon as the dustbin is ready to be emptied. This gives you the best dust pick-up across all your surfaces, because a full vacuum bag is one of the main causes of a loss of suction. This makes bagless vacuums a fantastic choice for performance and savings.

The AEG CX8 vacuum cleaner

With its long running time, the CX8 UltraPower delivers results no other cordless vacuum can match.

No cord, no limits

Reach further and clean with complete freedom of movement. Our cordless vacuums are mobile, lightweight and easy to store. And the award-winning CX8 UltraPower will clean your entire home on a single charge of its powerful lithium battery. This makes cordless vacuums an outstanding choice for mobility and performance.

Small but mighty

Make quick work of small spillages, dust or crumbs with the rechargeable, cordless HX6 Rapido. Innovative design features make your life easier, such as its soft-surface front wheels for scratch-free gliding across any surface. High performance and low noise, it’s the perfect vacuum for quick cleaning in the home or the car – rechargeable and always ready for action, time after time.

Glide to a gleam

Effortlessly move between rooms without worrying about the nearest socket with the CX7 ErgoRapido 2-in-1 cordless vacuum. The 180-degree swivel action of the nozzle means it glides beautifully, to leave your floors gleaming. Simple to change and quick to recharge, its Lithium TurboPower battery has up to 35 minutes runtime. The easily detachable hand unit allows for effortless cleaning of your kitchen table, furniture or your car’s interior too.