We exist to redefine what you expect out of your household appliances, which is why we want to challenge the boundaries of everyday life.

Since our start in Berlin in 1883, we've never settled for good enough, and we don't think you should have to either. That's why we never compromise with innovations for your home. So you can live on your own terms, while also living up to the terms of the environment. And care less, to care more about the big picture.


Why not on your level

Raise your standards - and the lower basket of your dishwasher to a more convenient level with ComfortLift® technology. And make your dishes come to you. Why compromise on a kitchen that doesn't live up to your life.



Why deal with degrees

Order from your SteamPro oven with command wheel the way you would at a restaurant. Select rare, medium or well done to enjoy perfect results at home without ever dealing with degrees. Why compromise on an oven that doesn't live up to your standards. 

Why not change the course

Challenge conventions and take veggies to the next level. With the right appliances you can re-define the main course and eat more sustainably without sacrificing on taste. So you can live on your terms while caring for the environment. Why settle for the same old when you can set the new standard.

Why wash when you can steam

Redefine the rules and simply refresh your clothes. By steaming instead of washing you can save on water, and care for the environment while caring for your wardrobe. Why compromise on washing habits that don't live up to your life.

Why not perfect to the core

Why guess when you can be precise about each degree with the SensePro hob. The wireless food sensor measures inner temperature and communicates heat adjustments to the hob. So you can achieve perfect core results. Why compromise on appliances that don't live up to your life.

Why Dry Clean

Break the rules with a gentle washing machine from AEG and confidently wash even your most delicate outfits. And care for the environment with the way you care for your clothes. Why compromise on a washing machine that doesn't live up to your standards.

Why Deal With Detergent

Forget dealing with detergent dosage. Get it right every time with AutoDose and protect your clothes from fade or age, while also caring for the environment. Why compromise with your wardrobe when there's so much more to life.

  • Man with cordless vacuum cleaner
    Who says power can't be beautiful

    Don't hide your vacuum. With the cordless QX9 you can put power centre stage and clean with ease without compromising on style. Why settle for just performance when there's so much more to life.

  • Woman standing beside WM and TD
    Do tumble dry

    Forget the rules with AbsoluteCare® and tumble dry everything you wash (yes, even that wool sweater). Without worrying about shrinkage or damage. Why compromise on how you do laundry that doesn't live up to your life.