Pineapple salad mackerel

Pineapple salad mackerel

Pineapple salad mackerel

The sesame oil, lime and chillies creates a powerful blend of flavors that most would say is distinctly asian. Try replacing the mackerel with sea bream and the pineapple with mango.

4 mackerel fillets
Cooking time: 20 minutes


1 small pineapple
60g apple cider
2 garlic cloves
2 Thai pepper/chilli
120g sesame oil
1 pickled red onion c
oriander, lime, salt


  • Prepare the mackerel fillet by brushing sesame oil. bake in oven 180c for few minutes.
  • For the salad dressing, blitz everything together in a blender (Pineapple, chili, sesame oil, apple cider, lime, garlic, salt and pepper).
  • Plate up.

Chef’s Technique

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Alternative ingredients? 
Mackerel could be substituted by sardine or sea bream, also, you could use mango to replace the pineapple.

Wine Pairing

An unusual, but certainly tasty combination. This recipe gives you an obvious choice for the pairing: Cider. Your best bet would be to go for an artisanal cider fermented in the bottle. It can be sourced from all over the world but your best bet would be from Brittany, Normandie or Basque country in France, Asturias or Basque Country in Spain or Canada… It will taste better served from a wine glass. A non-alcoholic alternative could have a very sharp, almost dry farmhouse cloudy apple juice made out of Cox or Bramley apples.

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