Pain Perdu - French toast

Pain Perdu - French toast

Pain Perdu - French toast

Pain Perdu, commonly known as French Toast, was originally a delicious way of saving stale bread. Blend your batter thoroughly in a blender and let the bread soak, then fry till perfection.

Cooking time: 15 minutes


Left over bread sliced
60g butter (for the pan)
50g demerara
250g whipping cream
250g milk
1 egg
1 egg yolk
5g vanilla bean paste


  • Blend the batter together in the blender and soak the slices in the batter until tender.
  • Drain and pan fry with the butter until golden.

Wine Pairing

Pain perdu tends to be quite indulgent and rich, but so yummy. To balance out the sweetness and the creamy texture of the toast, why not serving a fiery non-alcoholic Ginger Beer? Good quality brands such as Fever Tree, Fentimans, Belvoir, Bundaberg (0.5% ABV) abound but nothing prevents you from mixing your own. Serve it fresh but not too cold stemmed wine glass. The pain perdu usually tastes better warm and the contrast of temperature might be surprising.

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