A great addition to more than just pasta. Making pesto is as simple as mixing garlic, pine nuts, parmesan and oil with herbs. Here's a classic recipe with basil, but feel free to use the herbs growing in your very own garden.

Cooking time: 5 minutes


1 garlic clove
20 g pine nuts toasted
1 bunch basil
75 g parmesan grated
150 ml olive oil


  • Blitz all together in a blender.

Chef’s Technique

pesto ingredients
  • Make sure to use quality ingredients when making pesto. It will ultimately taste as good as the products you use.
  • Alternative ingredients? You can substitute the basil by using another herb such as mint or coriander or even roquette salad for an alternative recipe.
  • No fail recipe: if by mistake you add too much oil and it makes the result oily looking (split) then add a little cold water or an ice cube and blend a little more to re-emulsify the mix. Tip: you can make your pesto, place it in small containers or in an ice-cube tray so you can take out and use only what you need whenever you need it.

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