The hang dried ceasar salad

The hang dried ceasar salad

The hang dried ceasar salad
By Ludwig Maurer


2 Wagyu Ribeye Steaks à 200 g, 4 Chicory pieces, 2 Hearts of Romana salad (just the yellow one), 25 g Parmesan (in slices), 50 g Austrian crisp bread.

25 g Parmesan, 10 g Capers, 5 g Bavarian mustard, ½ Lemon, 150 ml Olive oil, 1 Egg yolk, ½ Clove of garlic

Black pepper, salt, sugar



At first put the steaks out of the fridge one hour before roasting. Spice it up with salt and sugar and wait for another 10 minutes. 

Put the steaks in a pan and roast it from both sides until you get a grilling crust. Put the steaks on a grid and let it chill in the oven on the middle rail for another 10 minutes, 60°C. Slice the chicory in four quarters and roast in the same pan with the same fat as the steaks.  

Chop the capers and mix it with the grated parmesan, the egg york, mustard, the juice and the abrasion of the lemon. Stir the olive oil under the vinaigrette and spice it up with black pepper, salt, sugar and garlic. 

About Ludwig Maurer

Ludwig Maurer is a German chef and Wagyu cow breeder. He was the firs to breed wagyu cows in Germany, and he plays music such as Johnny Cash and Bob Marley to them. In Tasteology he shares his expertise knowledge on how to store meat and explains how storage and different temperatures affect taste. 

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