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Discover the AEG Extractor Hob below - with information on available models, key technology benefits & installation options

Extractor Hob by AEG

Design your kitchen layout exactly the way you want it. Never be restricted by a conventional hood again with an AEG Extractor Hob, bring a powerful induction hob & extractor fan together for full freedom & limitless options in the kitchen.

Discover more features below and learn about all the benefits of choosing an Extractor Hob vs hood based models.


This combination of an induction hob with a powerful integrated extractor gives you the design freedom you have always wanted. Now you have more space for your versatile kitchen layout ideas - window, peninsula or island.


With an AEG Extractor Hob, you can fit a full depth drawer under the Hob with no issues, meaning more space for your bulky utensils or even pots and pans. An Extractor Hob can be installed in worktops starting with 4 mm, time to make the most out of the space you can.

Recirculation and Duct Out

Choose the model that best suits your kitchen needs. When installing an Extractor Hob for Recirculation, the air circulates within the cabinet. For installation via Duct Out, you will need a hole in the wall so filtered air can escape outdoors. Both models feature built in innovative filters.

  • recirculation benefits
    Recirculation Extractor Hob

    With no additional structure work required, Recirculation offers a simple installation process and minimal energy loss due to the warm air discharge. Less air goes out into the environment making this a sustainable choice.

  • Total Kitchen Freedom

    Both Recirculation (left) and Duct Out (right) are available online to buy direct from AEG with parts bundles available when you purchase your chosen Extractor Hob.

  • Duct Out Extractor Hob

    With no additional cost for carbon filters, Duct Out offers a cost effective option by featuring resuable, cleanable Grease filters. Combining a high airflow rate and high effectiveness at low extractor setting for added efficiency.

Please note, for Recirculation models you will not need to purchase any additional parts unless you want to choose Half-Pipe Recirculation (See Below). For Duct Out (Exhaust) models you will be required to purchase the additonal parts required, in either Straight Out or Left/Right Oriented kit sets. 

2-in-1 Filters for recirculation models

The 2-in-1 Filter combines both a charcoal and grease filter that removes odours and grease from the air for a clean, fresh kitchen.

Grease Filters for Models with Duct Out

The Grease filter removes grease from your kitchen air and can then be simply cleaned in the dishwasher once dirty, without other items.

Key Features

Extractor Hobs feature the latest technology with AEG, with features designed to make cooking even easier, more efficient and sustainable every time you cook. Discover all the options available below.

  • Bridge hob
    Bridge Icon

    With Bridge, you can combine two cooking zones into one large zone for bigger or longer pots and pans.  

  • Double bridge hob
    Double bridge icon
    Double Bridge

    With Double Bridge, all the benefits of Bridge are are increased with the feature on both sides of the hob.

  • Flexibridge hob
    Flexibridge icon

    FlexiBridge® lets customise your own cooking area by combining up to four zones for pots & pans of all sizes.​

  • Double flexibridge hob
    Double flexibridge icon
    Double FlexiBridge®

    Double FlexiBridge® extends FlexiBridge® so that you have this function on both sides of the hob. Doubling the ultimate flexibility and cooking area.

  • Breeze hob
    Breeze hob icon

    Breeze quietly clears the kitchen air after cooking, without disturbing the ambiance for you and your guests.​

  • Hob2hood hob
    Hob2hood icon

    Hob2Hood® technology allows for automated extraction during cooking. If you turn the temperature up or down on the hob, the extractor's fan will adjust itself accordingly. 

Wi-Fi enabled

Wi-Fi enabled

Connect your appliance to the My AEG Kitchen App and get the most out of your appliance. Through the app, you can control your Extractor remotely and the app has plenty of useful guides that teaches you how to use the features on your appliance. The app even sends notifications when it’s time to clean.

Best In Class Installation

AEG Extractor Hobs are easy and quick to install. We even offer a no piping solution when installing an Extractor Hob in recirculation mode. This means that no piping is visible, and the air circulates within the cabinet. Thanks to our innovative filtering system, the moisture is captured meaning there is no risk of condensation that could damage your furniture. Watch the video below for a walkthrough on all key Installation details.

What does Recirculation or Duct Out Installation mean?

When installing an Extractor Hob for Recirculation, the air circulates within the cabinet. When installing an Extractor Hob for Duct Out (as Exhaust mentioned in the video above) you need a hole in the wall so the filtered air can escape outdoors.

  • Recirculation Installation

    Available as Ductless or Half Pipe.

    - Ductless feeds directly into the back cavity when installed, recirculating the air down the back of the cabinets into the kitchen.

    - Half Pipe feeds vertically down and out of the front cavity when installed, recirculating the air forward to the kitchen.

  • Duct Out Installation

    Available as Straight Down or Left/Right Oriented.

    - Straight Down has fewer parts for the install, running directly out the cabinet to the exterior wall to vent.

    - Left/Right Oriented has more parts for the install, to allow the choice for which wall is used to vent to the exterior.

Innovative Filters for your Extractor Hob

Featuring an Active Carbon 2 in 1 Filter (Recirculation) that captures Odour & Grease directly during cooking, keeping your kitchen fresh and clean. Check out the Video below to see how easy it is to keep your Extractor Hob clean for you.

2 in 1 Filter Cleaning

Every day cleaning less than 100 hours usage: If you are cleaning the filters before you receive a notification, then rinse the filters with hot water. Do not use detergent. If needed, use a soft sponge to remove grease build up. Once rinsed, place filters in the oven at a maximum temperature of 60°C for a maximum time of 15 minutes.

Time to regenerate more than 100 hours usage: After 100 hours of usage, you will receive a notification to clean the filter. Place the filters in the dishwasher without detergent and any other dishes. The dishwashing cycle should be between 65-70°C. Once cleaned, place filters in the oven at a temperature of 80°C for approximately 1 hour. 2-in-1 Filters can regenerate 8 times before needing to be replaced.

Grease Filter Cleaning

A Grease Filter can be rinsed manually with hot water and detergent, or placed in the dishwasher with detergent. Grease Filters can be cleaned as many times as you like without needing to be replaced. They make for a sustainable option with one Filter lasting the entire lifecycle of the Extractor Hob it is in.

Shop filters

Note: Filter style varies by appliance. Visit the AEG shop and search by appliance/model number to find suitable parts and accessories.