8000 Series

8000 Series


We know that a clean home helps us feel happier and healthier. Our mission is to develop vacuums which make cleaning an effortless task and deliver a healthier living environment. With our new 8000 Cordless vacuum cleaners, we aim to improve the cleaning experience and performance, to shape living for the better.


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Powerful Performance achieved with Ease

The 8000 Cordless cleaner combines excellent suction power with a versatile design. Unique features, an exchangeable battery and purposeful accessories come together to make cleaning of the entire home, from floor to ceiling, an effortless task.


As the first MULTI POWER cordless vacuum cleaner, the new series perfectly expands the AEG range and adds new possibilities. 

Impressive in Performance and Design

The 8000 Cordless cleaner is designed to blend in perfectly with the home environment yet has a premium look and feel. The intuitive digital display guides us through power settings, advises when the filter requires cleaning and when the battery is running low.

The battery is easily exchangeable so should power be running out, a quick battery exchange means the clean can continue. Selecting Auto mode adapts suction power according to the surface type, allowing the cleaner to move from hard floor to carpet and back, with ease.

  • Strong suction power
    • Advanced, high-speed motor and the latest cyclonic technology provide optimal dust pick-up
    • 5-stage filtration removes up to 99.99% of fine dust
    • Performs strongly on hard floors and carpets
  • Digital display
    • Turn the vacuum on and off with a simple press of a button
    • 3 manual power levels to choose from (MIN, MID, TURBO) or select AUTO mode
    • Battery indicator illuminates to provide real-time information about remaining power
    • Filter clogging alert shows when to wash the filter to maintain high performance
  • Exchangeable Battery
    • Up to 60 minutes of run time using the handheld unit
    • Up to 35 minutes of run time using the motorized nozzle
    • Up to 75m2 of cleaning in a single charge
    • Exchangeable battery pack sold separately - ideal should you have a larger cleaning task
    • Fast charging of just 2.5 hours
  • Auto mode
    • Select AUTO mode and the cleaner will automatically adjust suction power according to floor type
    • Allows for a smooth cleaning experience when moving from hard floor to carpet

Innovative features for improved comfort

The 8000 Cordless cleaner has a telescopic tube meaning the height of the vacuum can be adjusted to the user’s height for a more comfortable clean. Equally extending the telescopic tube makes ceiling cleaning much easier.

Granite Grey, Urban Grey and Mahogany Bronze models come with a roll-in roll-out charging stand so the vacuum does not have to be lifted quite so much. Accessories can also be stored on the charging stand for quick and easy access during the clean.

If quick access to the handheld unit is required, there is no need to take the whole vacuum from the charging station. A simple press of the quick release button, located on the charging station, releases the handheld leaving the tube in situe.

  • Quick access handheld cleaner
    • Quick transition from a floor cleaner to a handheld cleaner
    • Push the Quick release button to remove the handheld straight from the charging station
    • Simply pull the dust container forward to release it from the magnet and remove for emptying
  • Readily accessible accessories
    • Rather than storing away in a cupboard and interrupting cleaning to fetch an accessory, store accessories on the charging station
    • Opt for a model with a floor charging stand if wanting to change storage location
  • Different nozzles
    • Main nozzle has a LED bar illuminating dust, so it has nowhere to hide
    • Main nozzle also has a Brush Roll Clean pedal. Depress this to detangle hairs around the brush roll
    • Foot release pedal enables nozzle to be detached from the tube without bending
  • Telescopic tube
    • Use the slider located on the tube to adjust the height of the cleaner
    • Extend the tube fully for those hard-to-reach areas and for ceiling cleaning

The 8000 series cordless vacuum range

Every 8000 Cordless cleaner offers the same powerful cleaning performance. Depending on the model, the charger type and accessory pack varies.

If pet fur is an issue, the Urban Grey and Mahogany Bronze models come with a special pet nozzle, ideal for removing fur from upholstery.

8000 Series Cordless Cleaner with charging stand, bristle and soft roller nozzles
8000 Series Animal Cordless Cleaner with charging stand and pet nozzle
8000 Series Cordless Cleaner with charging stand
8000 Series Cordless Cleaner


With its modular concept, it can be used in a variety of ways and can be combined with various powerful special nozzles - for every cleaning task from floor to ceiling.

Depending on the model, versatile accessories are already included in the scope of delivery. 


A range of optional accessories are also available which fit any 8000 Cordless cleaner.

Double your vacuuming time with an easy to swap spare battery
Increased flexibility with a selection of attachments perfectly suited to cleaning your car or those hard to reach areas at home.